Najeeb Jung not reliving home guards for women security in DTC buses

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The Aam Aadmi Party has accused Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung for not relieving home guards that Delhi government wants to deploy as marshals in DTC buses. AAP has threatened that they will have to protest outside Raj Bhawan if their demand is not met.

AAP had the promise of deploying guards in DTC buses in its 70 points program and has even located 4500 people for the purpose. These people are attached to state administration and AAP wants to deploy them to DTC buses.

Delhi government had written a letter to Jung for the same but despite its letters sent in both May and June; Jung didn’t consider it important to respond and shoved the file away.

However, AAP sought to ask for time from LG but then also LG did not response. Now AAP has claimed that they will wait only for a week more and won’t stop themselves from agitating against this if there is any further delay. Party’s unit secretary Dilip Pandey said that they will hold agitations outside the Raj Bhawan.

AAP has also questioned NDA about the Nirbhaya Fund which was created for women’s safety after December 16 gangrape. AAP has questioned about the whereabouts of Rs 2000 crore of the Nirbhaya fund. Only 36 out of 660 rape crisis centers are functional till date. Now AAP wants to work for the issue of women safety but Jung is not keen to do so as Jung has turned numb over the AAP’s efforts to deploy marshals for the women safety in DTC buses.

According to AAP, everyone knows that the home guards are deployed to do different work other than their core job but LG is not responding to the crucial issue.

Now, AAP being keen and determined to work on the issue will agitate and protest if their demands are not addressed.

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