Are aliens real? NASA employee James Oberg debunks mystery of UFO

UFO spotted in New Zealand and Mexico, Watch Video

After the so many news about the more UFO-happy corners of the internet, you will see a lot of uneven things: booming blue light high above the horizon, mysterious specks moving around the Spacecraft, and a strange thing called space dandruff. Previous NASA employee James Oberg, calmly explaining what is all going on about these rumours.

James Oberg worked at NASA in the 90s and afterwards he pursued in the field of space journalist and historian. A few years ago, he chose a new hoppy: taking Unidentified flying object seriously. Unlike other researchers, James is less into dismissing theories offhand and interested in finding out exactly why people react so differently to space images and footage. For this, he has combed through decades of supposed UFO sightings, reading eye-witness testimony and cross-referencing it with mission logs. In this process, he came to an exciting result: human senses, emerged in and trained on slow-moving objects, specific light conditions, and an atmosphere, get thrown into a tizzy when those conditions change.

According to his theory, our human senses are so used to aiming at relatively slow-moving objects, as well as specific light and atmosphere conditions, that when things change, our brains get confused. Oberg stated that our sensory system is functioning correctly for Earth conditions. Moving beyond our neighbourhood has been visually confusing. Some of these most common sightings he has to reveal are to do with the NASA astronauts apparently seeing UFOs and being forced to keep silent, for which Mr James Oberg says that this is a result of us watching too much science and fiction and not understanding what exactly space looks like. Oberg writes over on his site that “I have had ample experience with spaceflight to realize that what is being seen in many videos is nothing beyond the norm from fully mundane phenomena occurring in unearthly settings.”

Here are a few of the common reports you might have seen on the internet, and Oberg’s explanation of what’s going on:

The 2015 weird Californian flare across the sky :

At the end of 2015, people in southern California got scared when they saw a white light shoot across the sky. But, as it was cleared up soon after the incident, the reason behind this the conclusion of a properly planned, unarmed missile test by the Navy of US. The reason why it looked so creepy to everyone else is That here on Earth; we are used to watching thin vapour trails left by planes, or billowing smoke plumes. But most of us have rarely seen anything so significant and sharp as this.

“There were thousands of people who were processing their visual stimuli correctly it was 16 km away,” Oberg told Atlas Obscura. “But it was 482 km away, up in space and sunlit, which never occurred to them before, because this is not something within the normal range of human experience.” All of this isn’t to say we should give up on sharing our UFO sightings, or assuming that everything is ‘normal’.

The secret revealed behind the Space Dandruff

Wanna know the real story? Oberg explains on his site that space dandruff, these are things that have lean-to off space vehicles during flight, paint chips, or fragments of insulation. They are dissimilar to space junk because they do not pose a real warning to spacecraft. These dandruff flecks are pretty common, the reason why they look so different to everyone is that we are not used to the way these kinds of objects look when they fall while the space station is moving through space. It is the same reason why people see so many UFO in the footage captured by the cameras of NASA.

In these pictures and videos, people usually behave uneven because these spots appear to dance in and out of view, or suddenly appear and then disappear. Which is somewhat creepy if you’re sitting at your home on Earth, but is not that weird if you are on a space shuttle travelling 17,500 mph -nothing’s going to stay in your frame of vision very long.

And if the rover is in the right position about the Sun, it can also cast its own shadow onto these objects to make them disappear and reappear that is known as twilight shadowing.

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  • The subject of UFOs/UAPs has mystified experts and laymen for decades! Mr. Oberg is correct in many ways that most UFO sightings can be explained away as ordinary or natural phenomenon or just misidentifications. However that doesn’t explain all of the sightings throughout this subjects long history There
    are a few incidents in the last 25 plus years which are relevant. During the
    early to late 80s and early 90s UFOs were seen over the Hudson Valley in NY, the
    1986 JAL encounter over Alaska, The Belgium triangle sightings in 1989. The
    Phoenix sighting in 1997, the Chicago O’Hare incident in fall of 2006, the Stephenville Texas sightings in 2008 and
    most recently the revelation from the Chilean government of some authenticated
    UFO photos over a copper mine. That incident took place in April of 2013. One
    other incident of note occurred in Harare, Zimbabwe in Sept of 1994. 62
    school children witnessed a UFO land near their playfield during recess. Some
    of the children had contact with a being from that UFO. There are interviews
    from the BBC, German and Dutch media with these children and what they
    witnessed. A couple of months later some of the children were interviewed by
    the late Dr. John Mack. When you see these interviews of the children one can
    tell this is no fabrication or hoax. These children witnessed something highly
    unusual. These things exist!

    • Google “Blue Book Unknowns”. There were HUNDREDS of cases the US Air Force studied and couldn’t find an explanation for the sightings. The USAF was trying hard to explain it away.

          • Thank you. Have you looked at some of the Blue Book unknown cases? One in particular @ Holloman AFB (IIRC) a clearly unidentified object was witnessed by the control tower. Aircraft did not enter the patterN ,flee below low cloud cover, in bad weather at low altitude among nuclear weapons storage igloos and B-58 Hustler aircraft being maintained and readied for flight. The craft left the base again very rapidly again not in the normal traffic pattern through the overcast. I’m not a pilot but flying low level, in bad weather, under the service ceiling and not safely following air traffic control procedures will cause an accident.

          • It’s great to isolate the REALLY interesting cases from the noise, I’ve found there are reports of significant value if they can be identified. ETI evidence, not so far, but someday….

          • So what techniques or methodology would you recommend to define the “really interesting” cases and bring them to the top of the pile for further investigation? Could a computer program be developed or is there one already in existence that could be used to determine patterns or better yet, predict activity?

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