Mysterious space chunk (UFO) to crash near Sri Lanka on Friday, Nov 13

A mysterious piece of space garbage indexed as ‘WTF1190F’ is rushing towards the blue planet and will reportedly crash into the Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka, next month. However, the object is very small and will hardly cross the atmosphere and chances are there it might get completely burnt before hitting the Earth’s surface, so there is not any need to worry.

If the Space Chunk manages to reach the surface of the planet, the already small object will get even smaller due to partial burn during the exposure to the atmosphere. So as per the analysis, the UFO will crash to a safe location and it wouldn’t harm to people.

In addition, scientists revealed that people will not be able to watch the object falling into the ocean, even if it crashes due to its small size, except for those scientists and stargazers who are constantly tracking the object.

Explaining in detail, Tim Flohrer of European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office Darmstadt, Germany said, “The object is quite small, at most a couple of meters in diameter, and a significant fraction if not all of it can be expected to completely burn up in the atmosphere.”

‘WTF’, the mysterious object will hit our planet on November 13 at 06:19 GMT (11:49 Local; 07:19 CET), nearly 65 miles away from the Sri Lanka’s southern tip into the Indian Ocean, said European Space Agency. Nearly 3 to 6 feet long, ‘WTF’ is hollow from inside suggesting that it could a man-made space debris. Researchers say that the mysterious object could be a waste part of spacecrafts send to space especially NASA’s Apollo mission and now it is heading towards Earth.

As per the sources, more than 500,000 man-made space junks are currently revolving around Earth, but none has ever eyed towards our planet. It will be the first occasion that any space object will crash into Earth. However, astronomers called the object as UFO since nothing much is known about the WTF and researchers could only validate after it reaches Earth.

WT1190F was first discovered on February 18, 2013, and it was then called UDA34A3, but scientists lost its track within a span of five hours. On November 29, 2013, scientists again discovered it and named it as UW8551D but lost it again after observing for 1 hour and 35 minutes.

WTF was again discovered on 3 October by the Catalina Sky Survey, a project intended to provide early warning of approaching comets and asteroids. While observing the mysterious object, researchers found that the WT1190F has a highly variable orbit which changes from magnitude 16 at perigee to magnitude 23 at apogee.

After getting reported about UFO crashing into Earth, many started talking of doomsday. However, scientists have denied any such rumors and said that no one will be able to see the event except for scientists who are keeping an eye on it. In addition, a small piece of space chunk can’t destroy Earth.

Moreover, the site will be a delight to watch for stargazers and if the object survives the burning in the atmosphere and hits the Earth and then it might become a historical artifact for some since, it is an extremely rare incident.

A YouTube Channel, ‘ShantiUniverse’ uploaded a video and said in a descriptive statement, “Scientists have worked out that WT1190F will plunge to Earth above the Indian Ocean on 13 November, making it one of the very few space objects whose impact can be accurately predicted.”

Stay tuned for future updates.

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