Scientists discover incredibly mysterious shark species of dinosaur era on Portuguese coast

In a new find, scientists have discovered an incredibly unique and mysterious shark species whose lineage dates all the way back to prehistoric times. The rare frill shark, said to be from the dinosaur era, was being caught along the Algarve coast in Portugal. The interesting thing was that the prehistoric frilled shark was caught alive and not in the form of fossils.

The rare sea monster was pulled aboard by scientists who were working on a European Union project on commercial fishing, as reported by the BBC. Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere officials have labeled the shark species as a living species and said that its existence dated back 80 million years. The unique-looking male frill shark is 1.5m long, and scientists have figured out that it has 300 teeth neatly lined in 25 rows and a snake-like body. The gills of the shark has frilly, fluffy edges, but the cuddly factor ends abruptly there.

Professor Margarida Castro of the University of the Algarve said that the shark got its name from the frilled nature of its teeth which helped it to rapidly engulf its food. The frilled and pleated teeth allowed the shark to trap squid, fish and other sharks in sudden lunges.
The shark was caught at a depth of 701 meters near the resort of Portimao. Scientists said that its prehistoric contemporaries like T-rex and triceratops died out long ago, but this frilled shark is still swimming around deep below the surface of the world’s ocean. They also said that the frilled shark resides off the coast of Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The scientists further said that the rare and ancient creature might have inspired 19th-century tales of “sea serpents.”

The frilled shark has a remarkably simple anatomy, probably because of a lack of nutrients in its aquatic environment. But scientists were unable to find out why it outlived its Cretaceous Period contemporaries. There are a lot of things to that are unknown about this rare and unique frilled shark. Scientists only know that these are one of the creepiest creatures existing beneath the ocean surface. Scientists should take advantage of getting the shark as a living fossil and study in details about it and also they should try to find out more of them in the unexplored regions of the sea.

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