Mysterious Apple Electric Car Inc patent surfaces on Internet

Apple Electric Car Inc TeCake

A mysterious electronic car patent has surfaced on the Internet from Apple Electric Car, Inc. Apple Inc has always been in the news for its interest in the electric vehicles, however, this patent is apparently not from the Cupertino giant but some other company.

This mysterious company is probably in the business of making golf carts, as the patent is all about installing an adjustable mount for a computerized display in the cart. The details make it clear that the Apple Inc is not the one who has applied for this patent, at least the Cupertino giant won’t be making mounts for the golf carts.

The news that have been reported shouldn’t be of much concern, but since the Apple Inc has always been interested in manufacturing electric cars, and the patent also follows the term “Apple” in it, the tech folks created a lot of chatter about it.

Almost a year ago, when Elon Musk visited the Apple HQ, it was reported that the Cupertino giant is reportedly buying the Tesla Motors, however, the truth was brought into the daylight when Elon Musk clarified that the meeting was not about the acquisition.

In an another news, over the past few months Apple Inc had a bunch of patents approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, out which one was directly aiming at improving the overall performance of GoPro cameras. The patent reflected how Apple is inclined towards manufacturing portable cameras and their inclusion in the company’s ecosystem.

GoPro is clearly the big dog in the portable camera industry. It offers a range of products with advanced capabilities such as Slo-Mo, 4K recording and more. At the same time, Apple iPhone and iPad are well known for their camera hardware. The latest camera stabilization feature and software enhancements clearly raised the bar in mobile photography.

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