‘MySkoda’ mobile app, Now stay even more connected with your Skoda

Skoda Launches App

While the entire globe is rapidly moving towards the trend of digitalisation, automobile sect lagged no behind it. Car makers from all over the world have kept on tuning their sedans with the innovations and digitalisation, making them more preferable for the tech-savvy populace.

Skoda Launches App 4

Skoda, the Czech Conglomerate recently has taken a noble step forward to make its cars compatible with the new patterns of digitalization. Named as ‘MySKODA,’ this application is a part of the whopping amount of investment made by the company for enhancing its ownership experience in India.

Skoda Launches App 07

Skoda, a couple of weeks back, announced to invest a whopping amount of Rs 100 crore in Indian market which was ultimately aimed at boosting up the proprietorship encounter and presenting the flawless transparency between the consumers and the company.

Skoda Launches App 5

Today, in an official launch event, Skoda India has introduced the “MySKODA” application for smartphones which is designed to deliver its consumers a reliable and consistent cooperation with the organization. The application will help the clients to have compelling transparency while buying cars from the company and enable them to enjoy a bother-free and convenient purchasing experience.

Skoda Launches App 02
The MySkoda app is designed to connect the existing customers of the enterprise with the Skoda India’s digital ecosystem and facilitated them the accessibility to the complete history of services the cars they have bought from Skoda. Apart from this, the application will also allow the consumers to now the full details of various Skoda arts including their cost and availability along with the estimated cost of each service provided in Skoda showrooms. Along with these services, the MySkoda app is also accommodated a cluster of other essential features like pre-booking for car servicing, locating a dealer and showroom and connecting to the customer car team of Skoda India.

Skoda Launches App 8

How to download ‘MySkoda’ App?

The all-new MySkoda app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. If you are an existing customer of Skoda, you can download this app directly from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Android users have to type “MySKODA” in the search bar of Google Play Store, download and install the app. On the other hand, Apple device users have to search for the same keyword in Apple’s App Store for and download them on their iOS gadgets.
Skoda Launches App

Along with the introduction of MySkoda App, Skoda India also gave a glimpse of its future plan to revamp its Indian arm with more usefulness and revamping the network of its dealership which is aimed at strengthening the root of this Czech Conglomerate in the Indian marketplace. In addition to this, Skoda India also introduced a number of initiatives related to customers as part of the revolution. Simply putting, Skoda is preparing its marketing policy and gearing up to reinforce its root in Indian automobile market through different customer related proposals and new digital App.

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