The ‘Museum of the Moon’, a 23-feet wide Moon replica, comes to the Gateway of India this weekend

The Gateway of India will be graced by a spectacular lunar dummy. Yes, in Mumbai, at the Gateway of India, a giant 23-feed wide replica of the moon will be seen this weekend. The lunar replica is created by artist Luke Jerram using imagery from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. Jerram was supported by the UK Space Agency in creating this lunar masterpiece.

The impeccable replica of the moon is called the ‘Museum of Moon’ and it will be touring India at various locations across the country to mark the final phase of the British Council’s UK-India Year of Culture. Although the replica looks quite big, in reality, it is almost half a million times smaller than our moon, the closest cosmic neighbor.

Alan Gemmell OBE, director of British Council India said that Luke’s Museum of the Moon is a fun concept which could be easily popped up in cities around India. “It would help us to connect with the Instagram generation, where everyone is trying to get that perfect photo of the moon to get it liked, shared, and reposted, said Gemmell. The year 2018 will mark the 70th year of British Council in India and as per Gemmell, they want to share the stories of great things that India and UK have done together. They want to tell new stories and inspire millions of young people to develop and enhance connections for the next seventy years. “We hope our own moon landing will be talked about for years to come,” stated Gemmell. Jerram, the created of the moon replica was overwhelmed by the love and joy people showed to his Museum of Moon. He said, “Some people kiss underneath it, others admire it from a distance or up close; it really is a spectacular image of the resting moon.” According to him, the moon is an important and integral part of everybody here on Earth.

Jerram says that moon has impacted the society and culture for years, has been worshipped as a deity, used as a timekeeper and has inspired scientists, artists, writers, poets, and musicians worldwide. Long ago, the moon was the only source of light at night and now with electricity available to most parts of the world. People have got disconnected from the moon, feels Jerram. “I hope this project restores a sense of wonder, inspires questions and reconnects people with the night sky,” Jerram said. The Museum of Moon will be there at Gateway of India for two days and after that, it will head towards Delhi and Kolkata.

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