Much controversial film MSG in theaters today

MSg the messenger of GOD tecake

MSG: The Messenger stars the Dera Sachcha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in which he plays the rule of a superficial Baba who cures people without any medical aid or so. The Messenger was earlier named MSG: The Messenger of God, but due to singularity on one religion the Censor Board agreed on the name MSG: The Messenger of God.

The film came into controversies when 8 to 9 people gave resignation from their post at Censor Board. Although Gurmeet Singh Ji is playing aloof of the incident, saying he has no idea about the whole situation. The clearance of his film might have been an additional benefit he received in return of making favors during elections of BJP.

There have been many theories surrounding the film’s release and there is a fair chance of riots breaking up. Prohibitory orders have been issued by authorities in a lot of cities to make sure that no riots break out incidents occur as many Sikh organizations are opposing the release of this film.

The film is said to contain content that glorifies a certain religion whereas it might defame others. The film is favored against drugs, prostitution and other social evils that the Baba seems to fight. He is flashy and wishes to make this society better not by working for it but by miraculously curing the society with his super powers.

The film has been banned from Punjab in considerations of threats by Sikh organizations stating that their ‘Dharm’ doesn’t allow such things. Now what is left to be seen is that how the rest of the nation is going to react to this film. Will it be accepted and appreciated? Or will disapprove of it and there will be more controversies and riots after its release?

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