MSG Review: Say welcome to Religionists

MSG movie review

The much controversial film that lead to people resigning from their Censor Board posts and being colored as a political propaganda was released in theaters around the nation (except for Punjab) on Friday.

The movie has one and only star and that is Dera Sacha Sauda(DSS) chief Gurmeet Ram Raheem Ji Insaan, who is not only the lead actor and singer in the film, but also the director.

The story of the movie is about one ‘not an ordinary’ man fighting the evils in India, which include drugs, gender related issues, alcoholism, prostitution so much and so forth. It seems ironical enough since our hero Baba is currently facing charges for almost same crimes in real life. This movie is beyond any review or worthy of any critic if you are even calling it a movie.

What worked for the film was that the Baba has a real fan following who blindly support him and came to watch this absurd film of self-appraisal and narcissism. They were the only ones who were seen praising the film while the rest of the world seemed to flee away from the cinemas. But the film will earn enough, and people from over Punjab went to Haryana to see this movie and praises of how Baba (again, only the followers) has enlightened everyone. Although you could call it funny with how the baba was dressed or how miserable his acting skills were.

What didn’t work for the film was, well almost everybody who could use their heads. The film totally had the propaganda to make baba the center of attraction and the three-hour long movie was a torture. One could go to bhajans-ceremonies if not this movie.

In conclusion, the film was a hazard for anyone who would watch it. But to those Baba fans, we cannot help, we feel sorry for you, but in our suggestion if you can handle the bad acting and are optimistic enough to bring out good in even the worst, then definitely give this film a go.

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