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Mr. X has hit the theatres today and has received both positive and negative feedback from the audience. Prior to its release, it was compared to Mr. India of Anil Kapoor and the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Hollow Man’. This film has managed to shatter that shadow and has come out as a totally different movie that has no connection whatsoever to these films apart from the invisibility clause.

This is the story of an ATD (Anti-terror department) officer Emraan aka Raghu Ram Rathod and his love interest Amyra Dastur aka Siya Verma. Raghu is betrayed by his own department and is set on a path for revenge along with the betterment of the society by taking out the roots of evil and making them pay. But en route to his success are two people: the bad guys and for no apparent reason, the duty filling Siya.

What worked for the film was that it had amazing and breathtaking visual 3D effects and a story that defied any copy infringement from any other franchise. Along with that it did contain some juicy twists and turns along with some really good moments of acting by Emraan (we won’t include the whole film though). The film thankfully wasn’t a drag like many other films that promise to have a sequel or two.

What didn’t work for the film was its tad bit lousy script, illogical plotline and really cheesy dialogues. Even though the story was not found to be a rip off of any other film, it didn’t satiate our thirst for a better one. Apart from this, the film did seem like a good effort by the Bhatt campaign.

Our predicament is that this movie is an effort towards providing a good Indian cinema. Hence it deserves our support and so, you must go visit a nearby cinema and watch this enticing film of love, revenge and heroism.

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