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There is a good news for Mozilla Firefox users, worldwide, who were facing tracking issue during browsing. Mozilla has released Firefox version 43 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android users. Firefox now includes a 64-bit version for Windows users. Users can now choose a strong block list for all the Windows versions of Firefox to modify and strengthen the new Tracking Protection Feature while in incognito mode. Android version of Firefox gets improved reading lists and greater accessibility features, etc

On Tuesday, Mozilla announced that the 64-bit version of Firefox, previously available only on Mac and Linux, will now be released for the 64-bit version of Firefox on Windows. This new version which offers improved security and faster execution will work on systems having Windows 7 or above versions. Since, it can access hardware registers and instructions more speedily, this version will work faster than before.

The constant penetration of 64-bit hardware and software in both PC and Mobile domain will see a future extinction of the 32-bit version. The disadvantage of 32-bit version is that it cannot handle large Web applications as it can use only 4GB of address space.

Currently, the 64-bit version of Firefox for windows offers limited plugin support. This can cause a hindrance while browsing as some of the websites which requires a plugin to work may stop functioning.

The version 43 of Firefox contains additional abilities like the ability to use the Incognito mode to block a wider range of Web trackers. Firefox offers an option to block additional trackers with a ‘strict setting’. You can also choose your search engine from the address bar or the ‘awesome bar’ as called by Mozilla.

“A basic protection list is on by default in Private Browsing with Tracking Protection and it shields against many ad, analytics and social trackers. If you want increased protection from tracking, Firefox now allows you to choose a ‘strict’ protection blocklist which will block additional content trackers such as those often found in video, photo and embeddable content. Choosing this list comes with a tradeoff because Disconnect has received reports from users of some sites not working properly and in some cases being unusable, when this ‘strict’ list is used.”, as mentioned in the company’s blog post.

Talking about the Android version of Firefox, the version 43 has a new ability to have tab audio indicators. In other words, users will now know which open tabs are producing sound. Also, users can mark read/unread items in reading list section. Other improvements have been made for scrolling, zooming and context menu in TalkBack screen readers. You can even add the URL of the web page while sharing text.

Have you downloaded the new version? If Yes, then write you views in the comment section about its new features.

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