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Mozilla browser for the iPhone and iPad provides a big update

Mozilla firefox browser update for iOS

Mozilla Firefox browser has made a light impression for mobile users with its desktop version since its launch last year but with its recent update, the browser integrates some features to its existing support. Mozilla has integrated customised search engine support in its mobile browser for the iOS users which enable them to make its choice to opt different search engines from popular websites like Amazon and Wikipedia, and can search anything on these websites from the address bar directly.

The company has refurnished its toolbar on iOS with a menu that enables users for simpler and easier navigation and fast access to commonly used features – from creating a bookmark to search text in a page.

If all the current tabs close accidently, users will be asked to recover them during the next session. The firm also said that they have made it simpler and quiker to navigate through the tabs that are already in use. A ‘close all tabs’ option will also be available to users.

The iOS update also integrates a feature which makes a website as homepage and let users to open the pre-defined URL instead of writing the web address each time. The update is now available on App Store and also succeeded to reduce RAM and CPU usage as well. Mozilla also said that with the v5.0 update, web pages will open quicker and with a significant battery life savings.

Last week, Firefox made his decision to step away from the existing Adobe Flash plugin for its browser by declaring that it will be removing “certain Flash content that is not essential to the user experience” from August and then will make it off by default commencing 2017.

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