Motorola introducing Moto Maker Tool today in India

The Indian smartphone seekers, willing to buy Motorola’s flagship device Moto X Second Generation or the smart watch Moto 360, will now able to customise their device before purchasing. The Chicago-based Lenovo subsidiary company, Motorola Mobility announced through an official twitter account, Motorola India that the firm is going to bring ‘Moto Maker’ customisation programme today in India.

The Moto Maker programme allows the user to choose from a range of hardware variants like a wooden panel or a leather back for the Moto X (Sec. Gen.) and face and band variants for the Moto 360. There are also various storage options available for the smartphone.

The Moto Maker Tool is currently available in US, some areas of Latin America and Western Europe. Last month, the parent firm Lenovo has launched the flagship device, Moto X 2 of the year in the own domestic country. Meanwhile, the Chinese consumers were able to personalise the band and face of their Moto 360 with the tool.

Amit Boni, general manager Motorola Mobility, said the firm has seen a great response with both budget and premium brands. And, “We are not just a budget brand. Most people don’t know, but the Moto Turbo was never supposed to come to India. It had the maximum number of Google Search hits in India after US and that’s why we brought the Moto Turbo to India,” said Boni.

Commenting on the Chinese brands in India, Boni said, “The competition has always been there. In terms of the intensity of the new competition, I would not say I am entirely convinced. The numbers have been well for Motorola in both 2014 and 2015,” he said.

Amit further said that recently, the company has also launched its first Moto flagship service centre in India and introduced the Moto Van for service on the wheels in Delhi. “We want to show to the customer that our relationship does not end once they buy the device, but continues well after the sale. We have over 160 service centres and plan to introduce the Moto Vans in more cities,” he added.

“We’re expanding our Care-onwheels pilot within Delhi and to 10 other cities within the next few months. If the customer is buying the phone online, why should he have to come to the store to get it fixed,” Boni said.

The Care-on-wheels service was introduced in January, where qualified technical persons repair the Motorola devices for free at the customer’s doorstep within the 30 days of purchase. Currently, the firm is using vans to offer the service in Delhi only. It is expected from Motorola that it may launch the service on motorbikes too, for crowded areas like Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

“Top of the line research and development from Motorola is what helps make great devices and customers want these devices because they last,” he said.

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