Senior VP of Lenovo group, Chen Xudong
Senior VP of Lenovo group, Chen Xudong

Recently, Lenovo made an announcement of Motorola handsets being overhauled by the brand ‘Moto By Lenovo’. As of now, Senior VP of Lenovo group, Chen Xudong states that handsets that would be launched this year would feature fingerprint scanners and stressed on the fact that it would be necessary for all handsets.

Chen further added that he didn’t understand why majority of phones by Motorola last year lacked this feature. Apart from that he stated that handsets launching this year will have a minimum screen size of 5 inches.

Users would get a unified experience as Motorola and Lenovo UI merge together. The plan would take a year more to get materialized. Handsets launched this year will mainly target the high-end market, with Vibe focusing only on mid-range and budget segment.

If reports are to be believed and if this strategy is followed, Moto E is expected to go completely out of rotation while a successor to Moto G might be seen this year.

Motorola was purchased by Lenovo in the year 2014 and now, it is alleged to ditch the term ‘Motorola’ and instead be known by ‘Moto by Lenovo’  The Motorola acquisition was completed by Lenovo at 2.91 billion. Earlier, this smartphone brand was acquired by Google at $12.5 billion but struggled hard for reversing the years-long decline of Motorola. Thus, if you have been a Moto fan, you are surely going to have an exciting time ahead.

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