Moto Z Series Smartphone to Enrich With Google Tango Mod In 2017

Google’s Tango Technology, since its launch has kept on taking the smartphone market by storm. Earlier this month, the Lenovo Phab2 Pro honoured with the Tango Technology of Google and became the first commercial smartphone to have this technology. However, the Search Engine Giant seems unstoppable at one device as it is now gearing up to introduce the technology in a new smartphone from Motorola brand. During a press meet, held in Chicago, Aymar de Lencquesaing, Motorola Mobility President said that the company is expected to get a Tango module for the smartphones under its Moto Z flagship.

Though he hasn’t given any particular timeline for introducing the Tango Technology in its Moto Z Series, we can expect it to roll out soon. While putting his statement forward, Lencquesaing said, “Motorola now is likely to have a Tango module for enhancing the functionality of its Moto Z to series. With the growing demand for Augmented Reality Technology for the smartphones, Tango Technology is something that we will love to stick with. As Google’s Tango Technology is carrying tons of potential with it, we can enhance the market values by integrating Z Series smartphones with it”.

To recall, ‘Project Tango’ is powered by the Search Engine King Google. The technology is designed to enable hardware of smartphones to perceive its own location in 3 dimensions via superior infrared sensors. Basically saying, Tango Technology is a 3D positioning platform that can generate a diagram of your nearby locations by using the technology of Argument Reality. It merges many cameras for measuring deepness and activity and also has some additional sensors which will facilitate the phone a fine understanding its location.

Lenovo, the parental company of Motorola, has already experienced the integration of Tango Technology for its Lenovo Phab 2 smartphone and now, Motorola is likely to go on with Tango soon.

By integrating with Tango Technology, Motorola can off-load those extra cameras and add an external battery, which will enable it to keep up the trim physiques of the device. Moreover, it also can facilitate the users with refined augmented reality experiences for which Tango is acknowledged for. It will make the smartphones of Moto Z series run faster and smoother, may be clearer than the Phab 2 Pro does.

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