Moto X Play receives Nougat update in Brazil, When in India?

Moto X Play

Soon after rolling out Android 7.1.1 Nougat update for the Moto X Pure smartphone in the US, The Moto owned by Lenovo has released an OTA update for the Moto X Play users in Brazil. Users from the country have started reporting this morning that they received an OTA update notification on their device.

Besides users have also reported to the Moto X Play community group created by a Facebook user, mentioning that Moto has rolled out the Nougat update and the same is also reported by three users in a local forum. Meanwhile, Moto X Play users in India tweeting to Moto and Lenovo to roll out it in the country soon. Indian users are still waiting for the smartphone since the update rolled out for other handsets in the range including Moto G4 Plus.

Like each year, Moto had released a list of handsets which were planned to get updated with the Android Nougat update. However, when the update rolled out in the country the Moto X Play handset was skipped. Later, the smartphone owners have left the hope of getting the OTA update. But keeping the promise, the company has now started out updating the software.

Moto X Play Nougat update delay
Screenshot from Moto’s official support website.

This is not the first time when Moto is lagging behind for the OTA update for a smartphone under Moto X lineup. Previously, when the company rolled out its Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the flagship phone Moto X First Generation was skipped for few months. When asking for a reason from the company, it replied that due to its touchless control feature, also known as ‘OK MOTO X’ feature, and the extra low-performance chip to handle voice commands in less power consumption; the software development team of Moto has worked hard. And the same consumed time.

While the reason for a delayed update for Moto X Play handset is still not known.

In addition, a user tweeted to Lenovo and MotoIndia asking them how they can skip the Nougat update on a Kick-Ass phone Moto X Play. And why the phone users aren’t getting the update which was promised a long back. Lenovo replied on the same that the update for the phone has been scheduled and just wait for some more time.

Lenovo India should have to understand this thing that delaying an update to this much is ruining the experience of the users who purchase a Moto product for a quick update. As the company has started the rollout in Brazil and it seems like Lenovo India will soon release the Nougat update in the country.

Please share your views regarding whether you will continue with the Moto X Play smartphone or will go with a new one if the company totally skip the update in the country. If you liked this article please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get these kinds of updates directly to your News Feed.

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