Moon Is Not a “Waste of Space”; It Again Becomes The ‘Keynote’ for NASA

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It has been quite long when ex-president of the USA, Mr. Barak Obama dismissed all the space missions to the Moon, stating the only natural satellite of the earth to be a waste of space. Now, under the presidency of Mr. Donald Trump, Moon has again become the point of interest for the astronauts, and currently, NASA sees Moon as a potential destination for landing space probes, through the partnership with private start-ups.

Private space companies like Mr. Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Mr. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin have stimulated the prospects of lunar missions and NASA, now once again seems to have high interest in visiting Moon. Space companies, especially those who are rejuvenated by the prospect of potential space exploration missions ahead of low-Earth orbit, have already stepped forward towards NASA for conducting lunar missions and some of Mr. Trump’s close officials alongside and some ex-NASA officials have already confirmed their interest in returning back to the Moon through the partnerships with the private sector.

After the US Apollo missions of NASA, held in the 1960s and 1970s, some officials of former USA President George W. Bush tried to return back to Moon with a goal of exploration. But later Mr. Barak Obama, under his presidency cancelled the Constellation Program stating it to be too costly and rhythmic. Instead, he proposed to move towards fresh and uncultivated space destinations like asteroid and Mars.

But as soon as he rolled back from his position and Donald Trump started governing the nation, he re-proposed lunar mission and instructed NASA to focus more on Moon rather than other missions. According to Mr John Logsdon, ex-director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, “If the administration of Donald Trump circumvents the on-going chaos and if their advance to the budget permits it, then, within the next one year, the world is likely to witness a major space initiative, entailing a public-private joint venture – concentrating more on a return mission to the Moon.”

Moreover, Mr. Eric Stallmer, the head of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation – the representative confederacy of the private sector also has agreed to the statement of Mr. John Logsdon, stating the partnership to be an international treaty for taking human back to the moon.

Since the space shuttle programme concluded in 2011, the US-based space agency – NASA has fuelled its collaboration with the private space start-ups like SpaceX and Orbital ATK, for conducting resupply mission to the International Space Station. But now, the agency is currently focusing more on developing world’s most powerful rocket – Space Launch System, which will drive a new capsule called “Orion” beyond low-earth orbit. This launch system will carry human being to Moon, and the proposals will have effect by 2030s, said Mr. Eric Stallmer.


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