Narendra Modi wants to change face of Haryana

PM Nrendra Modi

There are hopes for the Haryana state to be even better as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a speech said that he will turn ‘scam Haryana’ to ‘skill Haryana’ if BJP (Bhartiya Janta party) gets a chance the serve the state. Keeping in the mind that Haryana has 90 seats in the assembly, Narendra Modi is sincerely trying to make BJP win over the hearts of the voters.

“I know that you are sad that Haryana is known as a state of scams. There are scams and then scams within scams. Our opponents are all involved in scams. Do you want a scam Haryana? I want to create a skill Haryana. You have to decide whether you want a scam Haryana or a skill Haryana,” he said addressing a rally in Mahendragarh on Wednesday.

Modi also said that state government can work better if state has good collaboration with centre government, which is not possible if congress comes in power.

“I want to bring the center and states not only closer (pass-pass) but also together (saath-saath),” Modi said. “I want a Team India where the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister work together. Do you want to elect a government that feels like vomiting on hearing about the central (BJP) government?”

Modi also accused the opposition by saying, “Those who are born in the Prime Minister’s house, Ministers or Chief Minister’s house are answerable to bigwigs, but I am liable to you as I am one from among you.”

Modi said that he wants to utilize the farming and industrial strength of Haryana for making it a better place to live-in. He said the opposition is not even able to use these strengths and further added that the Congress party can now do nothing except lying to hide the scams they have done in previous years.

“You have to decide whether you want a Haryana free from corruption. Do you want to see Haryana freed from ‘bahubalis’ (musclemen) and the corrupt? Then you will have to choose a new path. The only way left now is to elect a BJP government with full majority,” Modi said.

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