Modi plans for a strategic partnership with South Korea

Modi plans for a strategic partnership with South Korea

Prime Minister Modi, after his 3 day visit to China also took the liberty to strategize with South Korea for his operation of “Make in India” to be a success. Modi has been keen on promoting his “Make in India” campaign and he is doing all that is possible to make it a working reality.

He got South Korea to be a part of it as he explained that Korean products are a paramount of essentials in India as they come in affordable with some durability promises. South Korea is a proximus and hence business with it would be beneficial as the taxes on the same won’t be that big of an issue.

“We consider Korea a crucial partner in India’s economic modernization,” said Modi, who arrived in India today from Mongolia on his trip of his three-nation tour that also made him head to China.

PM Modi also said that since South Korea has already established a market brand in India, selling “Make in India” products with them would only help realize his dream of promoting this campaign and making India independent of imported products.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conversed with the South Korean President Park Geun-hye over a variety of issues and resolved to add “new substance, speed and content” covering defense, trade and investment, and regional cooperation to take the bilateral ties to a qualitatively higher level.

Proving their faith in Indian market, South Korea has decided to provide $10 billion for infrastructural development of smart cities, railways, power generation and multiple areas as the two countries have agreed upon upgrading their bilateral relationship to one of, “Special Strategic Partnership”.

President Park and PM Modi are trying to establish a new relationship that will lead to both nations prosperity and hence they will be able to further succeed the “Make in India” campaign.

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