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PM Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister to have spoken against the people praising him. He is very clear about him being idolized, that he doesn’t want to be made a Deity. He is a common man, with common aspirations and a dream for his nation.

In recent events, a temple has been erected in his honor in his home town in Gujrat. But unlike any other political figure who would be famished to have this done for him, he asked the people to not make a temple for him.

“Building such Temples is not what our culture teaches us. Personally, it made me very sad. Would urge those doing it not to do it.” Narendra Modi tweeted.

He said that instead of making a temple for him, they should help fellow countrymen and help build a better nation. The organizers were disappointed because of their work going in vain but they said that they understood the sentiments. Now, instead of making a temple for him, they are planning to change it to Mother India’s temple.

People like PM Modi are a rare gem to find, who put others before themselves. The incident of making a temple for any political figure isn’t a new trend. A temple in honor of Sonia Gandhi is also made in Andhra Pradesh. And then there are some who want to get theirs made, like Azam Khan wants to make one for Mulayam Singh.

Modi wishes to see a clean and green India and he is very reluctant about flattery. He says that if a person can help another person then they should do it rather than having pleasure of their misery. He even discouraged people who went on to say ‘Har Har Modi’ which is originally a chant of Lord Shiv. Modi may prove to be an icon worth worshipping in hearts rather than stone idols.

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