Are Aliens Zoo Keepers and secretly monitor our activities? Here’s what eye-popping ‘Zoo Theory’ say

MIT Professor's 'Zoo Theory' explains why we have failed to make contact with aliens.

Alien life and UFO were hot topics among the alien seekers and conspiracy theorists in the year 2017. Some believe that we are not alone and some form of intelligent life exists in some other part of the world which also gave upward thrust to many conspiracies this year.

Recently, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch was mistaken as UFO while some still claimed to see mysterious alien spacecraft alongside the SpaceX rocket. The launch was so bizarre that drivers on the road got distracted and crashed their cars.

Some alien hunters including Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily claim to find proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars and Moons. Some alien buffs also believe that UFO lingers around International Space Station and talk to astronauts. While some blame the US space agency NASA for hiding the existence of the alien life despite knowing the truth.

Apparently, our every attempt to find extraterrestrial life failed, and no one was able to prove the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, a radio astronomer from MIT who believes in the existence of alien life came up with a theory to prove why we have failed in establishing a contact with aliens even after several attempts.

It is to be noticed that recently, METI scientists beamed a signal into space to establish contact with aliens. The scientists have sent a set of radio signal with such instructions that they would definitely get some reply back on Earth within 25 years. However, the universe is vast, and the possibility of receiving the signals is minimal.

According to the “Zoo Theory”, given by John A. Ball, an MIT radio astronomer, aliens might be living in some distant galaxy, and they know about the existence of humans, but still, they are purposefully hiding from us and avoiding contact with humans. The theory further states that aliens aren’t still advance enough. Therefore they don’t interfere with our activity, similar to zookeepers at a zoo or nature preserve.

“I suggest, first, that mankind is neither alone nor number one. Advanced civilizations exist and exert some degree of control over the galaxy. Second, they’re aware of us at least at some level. But are they concerned with us? We may be only an obscure entry in their tabulation of inhabited regions of the galaxy. Third, we’re unaware of them because either they want us to be unaware| they’re hiding (But this means that they care about us, else why bother to hide?)|or because we’re not (yet) clever enough to know that they’re there, but they don’t care whether we know,”  Ball said.

Ball believes that aliens are curious to know about humans; which is why people report thousands of UFO sightings each year that further results in mysterious and unsolved conspiracies. “ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) may be discreetly and inconspicuously watching us but not dabbling,” Ball wrote in his paper on the subject.

According to Freeman Dyson,”a reasonable long-range program of searching for evidence of intelligence in the galaxy is indistinguishable from a reasonable long-range program of general astronomical exploration.”

“I predict two further blows to our ego in the near future: We shall discover that our mental processes can be modeled, or even duplicated in detail, by a mechanism such as a computer. Thus vitalism, now living only in a few human minds contemplating themselves, will nally be dead. And we shall become aware of our relationship with advanced extraterrestrial intelligence. Will we then still believe that we are the chosen people of God?” argued author.

Previously, researchers at the University of California Berkley researching for the $100m ‘Breakthrough Listen” project, had successfully detected 15 strange and repetitive Radio signal bursts radiating out from a small galaxy using the Breakthrough Listen Project by accumulating 400 terabytes of observations of FRB 121102’s location. Scientists believe that aliens located in the distant galaxy might be sending these signals.

Moreover, an astronomer from the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) claimed that we are heading towards our first contact with aliens. At the World’s Nano Fair, Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at SETI told Futurism that they are going to find intelligent alien life within 20 years and for that, he bet everyone a cup of coffee. He is optimistic about the fact that we are incredibly close to answering the question of whether we are alone in the Universe or not. He also confidently said that within a couple of decades he can prove that aliens do exist.

About the author

Kanishk Singh

Kanishk Singh, co-founder, and editor-in-chief at The TeCake, has forayed in the Science and Space for over five years, he enjoys his stint as an editor of several local magazines. He has written several editorials and high-level documentations.


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  • We’ve been quarantined in a simulation where we will never find life to treat the way we treat life on Earth or aliens to treat the way humans treat humans by extraterrestrials advanced enough to have visited us. There is no spoon, the cake is a lie.

    • LOL….oh cry me a river. How about this, an advanced alien race would come and save us – show us what were doing wrong. Your generation is always looking at the bad done…not the good. SHAME!

      • Humans are a violent and hateful species. If we can’t accept others with different skin tones or beliefs… why would we accept a species that looks totally different than us.

      • An alien civilization has no human generation of its own as a basis for judgment and would quarantine anything slightly more dangerous than a pathogenic microbe as a precaution, humans have nukes and are far more intelligently avoided than pathogenisis. You’re expecting them to come here and ask you what your name is, do you talk to ants you encounter asking them what great advances they’ve made and help them gather seeds? Because we are a Type 0 civilization on the Kardashev scale which does not even rate on that scale and any exrtraterrestrials advanced enough to visit us are Type III making us insects on a cosmological scale of advancement compared to us. My age aside, would you call Dr. Michio Kaku or Neil deGrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking pessimistic old fuddy-duddies for giving you their same opinion on the Kardashev scale? I don’t think so, and any physics professor teaching a cosmology course would give you a perfect failing grade for not grasping the material no matter what their age happens to be.

    • If we’re in a “simulation”, then our actions are pre-programmed, and we’re not responsible for the consequences. We’re not real.

      • Exactly, you might want to read psychology papers on the neuroscience of free will if you have not already. Everything was pre-determined the eternity before everything existed, advanced aliens would know that and quarantine us as a precaution without any further consideration for their actions than a deterministic human physicist named Albert Einstein stated that “GOD does not play dice.”.

  • Aliens: no! But God, yes! From the movie “Fences” “Better get ready for the Judgement.
    “ learn more

  • “Previously, researchers at the University of California Berkley
    researching for the $100m ‘Breakthrough Listen” project, has
    successfully detected 15 strange and repetitive Radio signal bursts
    radiating out from a small galaxy using the Breakthrough Listen to the
    instrument at Green Bank on accumulating 400 terabytes of observations
    of FRB 121102’s location.”

    WAT? Is this English?

  • “for that he betted everyone a cup of coffee” Perhaps this was written by aliens – the not very advanced ones.

  • So, some knucklehead dreamed up an idea that has already been in several low-budget sci-fi movies. Did that really warrant an article being written about it? Obviously it didn’t warrant proofreading.

    • Either a 12 year old wrote this article for school, or the author didn’t care too much about it to proofread it.

  • I think all these websites cropping up these days that are related to space exploration are all done at the Rand Corporation or some other NWO think tank. In order to produce the websites – which we’ll note are so template-similar – HR is told to not hire any web designers or writers that are over 32 years old unless they got their degree online.

    Ya see the same quality of content all over the web. They have no clue how laughable is the extent to which they have been psychologically conditioned or trained to not critique themselves.

    It is truly astonishing.

    Their is no ethnic pattern we are permitted to observe. But have you tried to follow the assemble instructions of any product that was built overseas lately?

  • How is this news when it is decades old? Ball first came up with the Zoo Hypothesis in ’73 and the notion of it as an answer to the Fermi paradox is likely older than that.

    • Exactly. I guess its slow news time over the holidays… and the recent Falcon 9 plume has brought all sorts of cranks out of the social media woodwork. (Launches from Vandenberg have for decades generated plumes if occurring after sunset or before sunrise … I saw all the way from Palomar Mountain a Minuteman test some forty years ago. Florida residents have recorded some amazing launches from the Cape, search in Youtube.)

      The Zoo Hypothesis is the oldest explanation for the positive edge of the Fermi Paradox. These ideas have been around for some sixty years, since it became respectable for scientists to talk about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence (thanks to Drake, Shklovsky and Sagan).

  • Unless other beings out there can twinkle their noses like Samantha Stevens and pop in and out where ever in the universe they want, this is all for naught. Distance, distance, distance.

    • There have been hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings over the last few decades alone, if even one of them was a visitor from elsewhere then yes they can pop in or out if they want to.

      • I was with a group of guys in my teens who saw a UFO when we were driving on a back road smoking some mild and wonderful 70’s weed. We were near a small town airport but that didn’t matter to one of us. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, he told our UFO story to the local paper. Names were also used. Mortified.

    • Exactly. We have been broadcasting radio signals for maybe 80 years max. So the aliens would have to be well within thew local range of our arm of the galaxy, and met all the other criteria such as they are listening for radio waves from our part of the galaxy, they are beings that care about space travel, and their intelligence has evolved in such a way that they build tools to monitor stuff like radio waves.
      The odds against all of this are, shall we say, astronomical.

      • Lol, advanced aliens wouldn’t use radio, too primitive and slow. They’d use quantum entanglement to communicate in real time.

        We’ve already proven that it’s real and we were all basically living in huts with candles for light just a couple of hundred years ago, what do you think we’ll know in another thousand years or so?

        • Quantum entanglement doesn’t allow for FTL communication. While quantum action at a distance is instantaneous, we can only collect information about it at the speed of light. Of course, “they” might have figured out some other means.

        • There is no “real time.”

          And entanglement can’t enable any cause to travel across a distance and effect an effect 😉 faster that light.

      • 80 years?. I am almost that age, but there have been radio waves out there since the late 1800s.There have also been UFO sightings since that period of time, and maybe earlier, since ancient petrographic indicators are found in stone. If there were that advanced back then, where would they be today? Unless, of course, they killed themselves off stupidly, like we are likely to do.

    • Agreed. When we advance significantly it will make little sense to send living beings to distant worlds – unless FTL becomes possible. We’ll send agents with artificial intelligence, who will not mind long voyages or radiation or other hazards. They’ll report back to us as we lounge in our hot tubs safely at home. If aliens are among us they’re watching via remote, not flying around in saucers or leaving footprints. If I absolutely had to bet one way or the other I’d bet not. Yet I hope that they are watching.

    • Europeans once thought the same about ”distant” ocean travel. Small minds.
      Meanwhile, Chinese had already visited North and Central America.
      Try to catch up.

    • It’s still possible that the Alcubierre drive or something like that could get us effectively faster than light by warping space. Some people think it’s theoretically possible but impractical, others believe we might some day utilize it for interstellar travel. Impractical or not, though, it isn’t fringe theory or fantasy. If it really is something that’s doable within a timeframe of, say, one to five hundred years, another civilization could certainly be using it now.

  • The spaceX scammer needs a renewal of this crap to line its pockets. Rockets & satellites have been being launched for decades without much ado. Now all of a sudden, Ellon Musk launches a rocket that produces a spectacular light show in the sky over southern california and most of the sheep with their oohs and ahhs just think this was business as usual. No one has figured out how to land a rocket in the vertical position except Musk, although he has taken it to the next level, landing a rocket on a small floating platform in the middle of the ocean, and secret locations.

  • The zoo theory is decades old, but the statement that “aliens might be living in some distant galaxy, and they know about the existence of humans” is nonsensical. The nearest galaxy is 2.5 million light years away and it would take them that long to pick up our radio noise that began a century ago, and even then it would not be detectable at that distance.

    • If even one of the many UFO sightings that have been recorded throughout history is a visitor from afar, then distance or travel isn’t a problem for them.

      • You have a point but the truth is none of the UFOs have ever visited earth. People are morons and dumb (guessing by the fact that millions still believe creationism is fact, Jesus existed for real and earth is flat) and they will label anything as alien ship if they can’t understand a flying object. In fact in a lot of cases your own mind gives this meaning to these flying objects.
        Governments of many countries keep testing new and advanced weapons and flying objects and if those experiments are not successful they are never revealed and fools on the ground keep thinking oh that must be a UFO.

        • How do you know none of the UFOs has ever visited Earth? The answer is, you don’t know.

          We have lots and lots of stories of landings and crashes seized by the governments of the world and in fact the rate of sightings is increasing around the world so guess what, the numbers don’t support your argument.

          Most of them are terrestrial or natural but the military prototypes you speak of are a relatively recent phenomenon and we have hundreds of thousands of sightings going back to long before we ever had anything exotic enough to be mistaken for a UFO.

          • Examine history…. at no point anytime in history was there a shortage of stupid people….gullible people….ignorant people…. all that is needed for endless ufo sightings.

          • Not to mention we have had innumerable “sightings” of ghosts, visitations from divine figures, etc. By Rick’s logic, that conclusively proves that ghosts and the pantheon of gods must exist. And then we have the endless Nostradamus “predictions” that are claimed after the fact, thus “proving” the validity of soothsaying.

          • Lol, sorry, that’s YOUR logic, not mine. When you have credible evidence gathered by trained and/or military observers using sophisticated equipment, that gives the subject a tad more credibility than your little ghost story fantasy.

          • You’re entitled to your fantasies, Rick. There is no “credible evidence” of alien activity around our solar system. But don’t let that get in the way of your delusions.

        • Is there some rule that says I can’t use the word if? This is speculation, is it not? And guess what, sparky, the word if comes up quite a bit when speculation’s involved. And science too, for that matter. It’s how theories start.

          • Things you could have learned in school “if” only you had paid attention. Sparky.

          • Yet in response to Jerusalem (above) you derided his comment because it was speculation. Make up your mind Sparky.

    • Space and time are equivalent, mastery of space travel is mastery of time travel by equivalence. To have the level of advancement required to visit Earth from such vast intergalactic/interstellar distances they have harnessed the entire energy output of their home galaxy, have harnessed the Planck energy and have mastered spacetime(a galactic Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale). No matter how much time it takes civilizations that advanced to detect us, space and time are not any greater impediment to their spacecraft than air is to our planes and sail boats or water is to our naval vessels.

      • “No matter how much time it takes civilizations that advanced to detect us”

        We didn’t exit millions of years ago, and thus aliens in a galaxy millions of years distant won’t know about us.

        • Time is a limitation they’ve long since overcome by being advanced enough to visit us in the first place. I’m not stating aliens exist, simply that space and time are equivalent to master.

  • Humans are obsessed with their shape, looks, face, senses and brain.. They / we want to hear what we like, we want receive “signal” in what we call as intelligent communication form for a proof of alien’s existence..

    They may exist, but not necessarily have ears to communicate in audio form or they may not even need a written, readable way of communication. They may even don’t need to communicate. They may not have birth -> life -> death cycle, not even have need to grow food, kill animals to survive, i.e. they might be living in “nirvana” state since their inception and alive forever taking energy directly from stars.

    • If the material universe itself is going to end someday in a few trillion years then it is obvious that there is no alive forever civilisation anywhere in the universe.

      • By that logic, if you can call it that, then we shouldn’t exist either. But, since we do exist, others exist also. We have no idea whether or not the universe is finite or not or when or if it will ever end, your entire argument is speculation.

      • Easy… many universes, in a sea of universes. We can only see so far, but it doesn’t mean its the end of ours.

  • Why do publications print this kind of garbage? Is it because they know a large percentage of readers are morons, just like voters?

    • Exactly, large number of readers are same people who vote in elections and are easily fooled and live in delusions of all kinds.

  • Or they ignore us because they don’t exist. Speculating is fun but for all his scientific credentials this guy’s theories have no more validity than any UFO kook.

  • Why is anyone who is serious about UFO making cordial comments on here?!?

      • You do know that there is such a thing as quality evidence “out there”?
        This author is obviously throwing cold water in the subject–doing the bidding of his masters–in light of the revelations of the past couple weeks?

  • I’m watching The Twilight Zone marathon right now and I can think of a half dozen episodes off the top of my head that have this theory. This show was made in the 50s/60s. We have felt this for quite some time. It’s a fun idea to play with.

  • One glance at the Hubble Deep Field shot should be enough to make any person wonder how much of a handle any human has ever had on any of it. Plenty room in that shot for others.

    • Actually, it’s called a theory until it’s proven. That’s why even the “Big Bang” is still a theory, one that is rapidly being weakened. By other “theories”. We’re just too arrogant to admit that there are some things that are unknowable.

  • The zoo theory would have held water 100 years ago but that theory would imply that any aliens out there would actually care what happens here by monitoring our progress “i.e. like a zoologist who cares about the animals under their care”. If one of those animals however poised a risk to all of the other animals in the zoo however, actions would be taken to remedy that situation? With the increasing proliferation of Nuclear and other WMD’s the humans on this planet are producing “saying nothing of the environmental harm we are doing overall” I cant help but feel this theory now is greatly flawed. I think the other reason we haven’t made contact is because this planet is either consider “the bad side of town” by any peaceful highly intelligent species or we are way out in “the hicks” of space where any aggressive highly intelligent species hasn’t bothered to look at yet “and lucky for humanity that they haven’t”. We are not ready either mentally, technologically, morally or physically for any other more intelligent alien life form other that other humans at this point. Granted maybe an aggressive alien life form might be the catalyst that makes humans stop trying to kill each other all the time “the enemy of my enemy type of thing” but that would still not stop the totally annihilation of humanity on this planet if they really wanted to do us harm. Like the old saying goes, we need to “get our own house in order” before we go looking into other neighborhoods. And we are FAR from doing that so far.

  • just like with religion, no one wants to admit we are here alone. i’m sure there is life out there somewhere but it’s too far away to encounter. this theory borders on laughable.

    • Yes space is too vast to even comprehend for most people. Even the next nearest star to us is about 4.2 light years away. In cosmic terms this many light years seem small but even that 4.2 light years distance is almost 40 trillion kilometres. With our current technology or may be even technology in a few decades time it seems almost impossible to find any meaningful signs of existence of aliens. And of course we have not detected any signal from space so far to indicate a far away advanced civilisation might be trying to contact us.

  • The Han empire knew of the existence of the Roman empire in 97AD and even sent an ambassador to negotiate an alliance with Rome. The Chinese ambassador got as far as the Parthian port of Charancene on the Persian Gulf. As the Han knew the Romans traded by sea with India the ambassador thought it would be a simple matter to sail to Rome from Characene. When told he would need three year’s of provisions for that journey he decided Rome was too distant and returned to China concluding that Rome was too distant for an alliance with China when if he had continued traveling west overland through Parthia he would have reached the eastern limit of the Roman empire in 40 days..

    Perhaps intelligent alien cultures aren’t as far away as we think.


  • Occasionally, I get the impression my cat is an alien life form, observing human behavior. At times, he sees things that I can’t, and he will stare, ears forward, tail fluffed, like there is a ghost in the room. Cats are an enigma. Maybe even alien… come to think of it, that also sometimes fits my wife!

    • It is because cats and dogs and many other animals could hear those frequencies which you can’t. May be some cockroach or other small animal or insect is moving around and your cat detects its moving frequencies of its sound and movements.

  • this is some more nonsense from alien conspiracy theorists. as far as thousands of u.f.o sightings are concerned almost 70-80% of them can be discarded on the premise that an average earthling is practically dumb and will believe anything and yes those dumbs also include people in the united states, in fact that is the highest concentration of dumbos in the developed world. these dumbos will label anything as flying saucer if they can’t decipher or understand the flying object. and remaining 20-30% cases are fast moving jet planes, orbiting satellites in space and other flying objects mankind has developed but are revealed much later.

    do you know many countries in the world keep testing new weapons and advanced war planes and other things and if they are not successful they are never revealed. so a hell lot of those ufo could be that.

    • Lol, so because you think 70-80% of UFO sightings aren’t aliens, we should just toss out the whole subject? I suppose you also think that because most people don’t have cancer, we should stop researching cancer, too, right? I mean that’s your logic.

      I’ve got news for you, the vast majority (90 percentile) aren’t UFO’s but if even one of them is real, your entire argument is moot.

      Just look at how many forms of life exist in the one place we know life exists, the universe is literally filled with the same materials we have here, what makes you think that what happened here ONLY happened here? What proof do you have or is all you’ve got just more illogical speculation?

      • Rick, there’s a huge difference between saying that there is “intelligent” life elsewhere in the universe(and most people believe there is), and saying that they are here watching or interacting with us. Here’s the interesting part: for all the stories of UFO sightings, I(and you, I suspect) don’t know a single person who has had a “sighting”, nor have I witnessed one myself, despite having lived in areas that are supposedly “hotbeds” of UFO activity. You might also have noted that “personal” accounts of interactions with aliens have changed along with our understanding of technology, which is a smoking gun for the falsehood of these accounts.

      • You cannot say 90% aren’t UFO’s. You cannot say what any of them are. They are by definition unidentified.

  • Given the enormous size of the universe (which is only expanding at a faster and faster rate) the existence or non-existence of intelligent life is largely unimportant. The universe can be teeming with aliens but with no way to interact with them they may as well not exist.

  • Scientists like to cite the Fermi Paradox, which says where is everyone, but those very same scientists completely ignore the UFO phenomenon, which says they’re here but we can only look but not touch.

    The UFO phenomenon is ephemeral, we see them but don’t interact. That tells me they want us to see them, if for no other reason than to inform us that life is common in the universe. We can look but that’s it, which is exactly what I would expect from a species advanced enough to travel here.

    They’re obviously smart enough to avoid direct contact with a species as warlike, primitive, and barbaric as human beings.

    I think they allow us to see them to challenge us to try to understand them because only by outgrowing our primitive fears, ideas, and savagery can we ever hope to take our place among the stars. They’re a signpost pointing the way to our future, if we survive long enough.

  • Why would aliens want human interaction? We have already shown that we are incapable of cohesion, an incessant need to control, and of being self serving above all. If i were an alien i would not waste my time needlessly with self destructive devils, especially if i have had the opportunity to view them without revealing myself.

  • The universe is endless yet it is contained within the framework of God. What we perceive as reality is in fact a construction within reality. We could no more easily exist outside our reality as understand it. Our concepts are far to base to even comprehend the architecture of our existence.
    This planet is all that matters in this universe. It is a place for cultivation, a field sewn for a harvest. We are, each and every one of us a seed. Sprouted and given a shot at life, with our ability to produce fruit determining our future.
    Heed or ignore me, but if you seek within yourself you will find the code written in you that is needed to thrive and survive as life.
    Humanity has instincts towards morality, yet it is often ruined by our proclivity for evil. Giving credence to the unproven yet heavily manipulated ideas of our existence will only lead to unfruitful conclusions.
    Seek after what is written within you, and coded into your heart. Here is where that door to what lies beyond is opened.

  • ROFLMAO… oh yeah, aliens are lining up to visit earth… ROFL for what? to be dissected?
    Mankind has another 100,000 years to go before becoming interesting at the galactic level.
    Plus no aliens are close enough to have heard anything we have broadcasted… 100 light years in our region is nothing on the cosmic scale.

    • If you were an advanced species, you’d probably want to know what the primitives are up to, especially once they start splitting atoms. We’ve been “interesting” since the 1940’s.

  • Distance is only half of the problem. Distance equals time. Even if they sent robots at the speed of light we would detect them. The amount of energy needed to fold space time is so vast it would be detected immediately. Scientists estimate the universe is in its beginning stages. It is very possible we are the first intelligent life in our galaxy. The distance to a neighboring galaxy is just to far to realistically contact. Millions of light years will never be crossed. Communication will be impossible. So that leaves only our galaxy. Which we can populate our galaxy in a million or so years with exponential growth as a species. Time is the enemy. Eventually thru stem cell research we will extend the human life span to hundreds of years. Possibly to immortality. With extended life spans we will be able to travel within our corner of the galaxy. But even then the number of stars in reach is in the hundreds…. If we haven’t detected aliens it’s because they don’t exist. We may detect signs of life eventually but contact will never be possible. Time is just to great an enemy. I predict the human race will colonize the Milky Way. Adapting to our local environments. Until the day comes that we have separated so much we are alien to each other. Like a tea cup poodle meeting a Rottweiler. Both dogs but nothing alike…. Humans will evolve into multiple species populating our galaxy. Go Elon!!!!

  • “Some believe that we are not alone and some form of intelligent life exists in some other part of the world.” The question is how much intelligent life is here on earth. People pay no attention as to what is going on around them. People got out of their cars to watch the “flying saucer” when the rocket was fired? It was all over the news, for days on end, BEFORE the rocket was fired.

  • Explain to me why any being intelligent and advanced enough to bridge the vast distances of space would want to make contact with humans? We have nothing. Nothing intellectually, nothing in terms of science, heck – not even anything to talk about. The only thing we could possibly offer is either resources (which they probably have access to anyways) and satisfaction of curiosity on a level of us watching a bug.
    If it was me zooming by in a spacecraft, I’d stop, take a brief look, see a planet full of slightly evolved apes and move on. I’d maybe put a note in my notebook to check back in a million years or so to see if there’s a smarter species evolved by then. Humans are on the brink of self destruction so who knows what’s next.

  • So in the 14 billion years the universe has been in existence what makes these people believe intelligent beings capable of advance technology are alive right now. Alpha Centauri may have had intelligent life, but died out 2.7 billion years ago. Doesn’t help us now. How would aliens from another galaxy know Humans exist? We’ve only been here for a very short time. Even if they had a telescope the size of a solar system they would miss us by millions of years.

  • I thought that I once saw a UFO, but then I realized that what I saw a close-up of Rosie O’Donnell’s………..

  • the distances between even solar systems – let alone galaxies – is so vast that, even if those signals did come from intelligent aliens, they are extinct by now. it frankly doesn’t matter whether there is life elsewhere or not. the distances involved – which increase every moment – make it impossible for us to even have 2 way communication, let alone for either party to send ships. and for anyone who replies with any nonsense about ‘ftl travel’ or ‘inter-dimensional’ jumps, that’s all fiction. in the real universe, there is no such thing, and never can be, because the universe simply doesn’t work that way. they are fairy tales.

  • I think it’s true, and I’ve been flipping off Aliens on a daily basis for about 75 years and they’re still afraid to show up. Growing up in Vegas back in the 50s was pretty weird. Had family involved in some of the many “projects” available. So, Aliens ,,,,,, I’m talkin’ to you …. meet me outback of Brady’s Bar and I’ll show you wassup’, Spaceball! If anyone is afraid of these Wimpy Dorks, they ain’t got much. Just sayin’. If you are too young to know what a wimp and dork are, use that Google thing and find out. Later.

  • So much unnecessary speculation and wasted effort! The US military/intelligence agencies have been contact with extraterrestrials for over 70 years now. We can just ask them for an explanation. They have been keeping it a closely guarded secret so long, because disclosure of advanced aliens will destroy the military/economic/political domination of the world by the US military and capitalistic system. See for more info.

  • The wording of his paper clearly identifies this as what it is.. just his opinion. Although he is a scientist, he is not capable of proposing a scientific theory since he has no evidence to base it on. None of us do. His work is full of “I feel” & “I believe” statements if you have taken the time to read it. The only piece of science that is usable at this point is mathematical probability, which would favor the existence of ETI based on the large numbers in play but certainly not a specific flavor of ETI nor would it rule out the idea that we are indeed unique. Another point to consider is that science does not necessarily favor the idea that “technology always advances” since there is not enough evidence to support that for any place other than Earth (& only within the miniscule window of man’s existence). In fact, extinction is as much a probability for humans & Earth as the idea that technology always advances. The evidence does suggest that stars & planets are exploding & ceasing to exist on a regular basis. ALL of his “hypothesis” belong in the philosophy & religion category at this stage of our evidence collection.

  • According to the “Zoo Theory”, given by John A. Ball, an MIT radio
    astronomer, aliens might be living in some distant galaxy, and they know
    about the existence of humans…”

    The closest galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy, and it’s about 2.5 million light years away. The human species is about 200,000 years old.

    It’s doubtful that an MIT astronomer would commit this error, so I blame it on the writer.

  • intelligent,s and aliens and communicating in the universe or galactic level
    .level one-electromagnetic
    level two – atomic testing—we have confirmed reaction from increased visitations
    level three- satellite with fusion atomic signaling—not yet built
    level four – hidden signals cumming from star,s using very advanced alien technology

  • Note to Scientists and Astronomers: If you wanna’ see Aliens, just do like we did back in the 60s’ Take a hit of Acid and some Speed and you’ll be hangin’ out with ’em. No need for a Rocket Ship.
    At least for a few hours. They’re cool. No mystery. Dude.

  • This “Zoo Theory” is speculative conjecture, not science, not deserving of the designation theory. In the desperation to trivialize and ubiquitize life, naturalists will be relentless, wasting millions searching for what they will never find. One could argue that it is the domain of science to pursue all aspects of the reality of the universe, but exploring life, which has no naturalistic explanation on the Earth, the only example of physical living entities, while denying the metaphysical reality of existence, is usurpation of true scientific investigation to adhere to an ideology of philosophical naturalism, not true objective science.

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