In a very popular study published in the journal of Science Advances, Researcher Markus Buehler, and his fellow colleagues showed public, how fusing and compressing Graphene flakes can give birth to the new material. He also addressed some of Graphene’s glaring weaknesses in that study perhaps.

Recently the researchers from MIT, USA, have developed a form of Graphene. This Graphene is not only 10 times stronger than steel but is also just 5 percent of its density. This amazing discovery can change material science soon.

According to the researchers, Graphene is a strong material. In fact, it is the strongest of all known materials so far. However, the kind of strength it has shown in its two-dimensional form clearly does not lay over when the same material is formed in 3D. The study was conducted to address this dimensional problem. Consequently, instead of changing something in Graphene, the researchers recently realized that the solution lies in how the material is used and what is its purpose. Hence they formed an unusual geometric pattern.

This study also suggests that other strong and lightweight materials other than Graphene can also be made stronger as well. And this phenomenon can be achieved by taking on similar geometric features like this newly discovered material.

It is just another atom which is thick but its geometry has given its new form strength without adding any new property. It can also be used on large-scale structural materials.  According to the researchers of MIT, for certain instances, it is better to concrete on material structures like bridges because these structures can also take porous geometry and give it a certain boost in strength. It can also add a fraction of added weight. It can also be used to improve isolative properties by keeping its air space in consideration.

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