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Miss World 2017 delivers Free Sanitary Products to Indian school girls


The world should be an equal place for everyone, While we get the facilities we believe that those are mandatory in the normal lifestyle. Many people do not get those mandatory facilities and in this issue, sanitary hygiene is the right of every female out there and this is the obligatory convenience for all.

Cleanliness is the very important aspect to live a healthy life, and it is sad that many females mostly from underdeveloped or rural areas do not get the access to the basic sanitary product which is napkins or pads.

In India, a study in 2011 found that 88 percent of women do not have the access to sanitary pads, this is a shocking number to worry about. According to the Scoop Whoop News. There are some of the variances about the statistic, so it could be an estimated figure. Still, one thing is clear that Indian women face a serious sanitary hygiene issue.

The factor which does not allow the easy access to sanitary pads is the GST. The sanitary products used to have 12 percent of Goods and Service Tax. This thing shows the odds in Indian culture where cultural necessities for Indian women such as Bindis are tax-free and the sanitary products have 12 percent of GST implied.

Manushi Chillar is the woman who brought the Miss World crown back in India after 17 years and became the Miss World 2017. Her constant efforts in this problem are meeting the expectations. At a very initial point, her attempts at providing the sanitary products are successful in one particular state which is Haryana where these products are available in schools. Also in the northwestern region of Haryana, her project ‘Shakti’ is seeing a huge success.

The ‘beauty with brains’ medical student knows that the title she has earned will come up with lots of responsibilities and would help to increase the awareness in the impressively effective manner.

Manushi Chillar spoke on the same issue in a conversation with Swachh India. She acknowledged the power of the title as she stated that she will take the project ‘Shakti’ on a large scale as she owns the Miss World title.

She further stated that as she is not a doctor yet but a medical student so she is not voiceless. She knows the fact that the huge number of Indian women do no get the access to affordable and safe menstrual hygiene management. She believes that education cannot manage the problem alone. Therefore, a sustainable system is required to allow the women to practice the menstrual hygiene. In the process, low cost of sanitary pads is necessary so that every Indian woman can afford the basic need of living.

The project ‘Shakti’ which means power has a clear vision to empower each Indian woman. Under this project, more than 20 villages are already covered. What the work the team performs is going to villages, educating both men and women about the need for menstrual hygiene and the importance of sanitary pads during the menstrual time period. Along with education the teams also provides the low-cost sanitary pads or napkins and also create the employment opportunities by supporting the people to join the sanitary pads manufacturing unit in their area.

manushi with shakti projectmanushi with shakti projectWith the mutual efforts of Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal and Manushi Chillar, free sanitary pads will be available in schools for Indian school girls. It is a very good initiative as before this action Indian girls used to miss the 50 school days because of periods, stated in Inter Press Service.

Meanwhile, Menstrual Hygiene Gap is the issue in the all the developing and under developing countries all around the world, Though initiative like this gives a hope of change which will persist forever. As India is making the first move to complete the basic need of every Indian woman by providing the free sanitary pads at many places. Positively may Haryana will not become the last state to implement this essential initiative.

The Bollywood leading lady Anushka Sharma has also come to support this cause by another initiative took by TEE Foundation, the foundation has opened the ‘Pad Bank’ in which you can donate pads so that the women who are lacking access to the product can get the basic hygiene need.Anushka on sanitary hygieneIt seems that finally, the issues which are ignored for ages are finally getting the attention and the lead personalities of our countries using their powers to make India a better place.

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