Scientists have structured miniature versions of The Ring Planet, with complete rings, by the electrification of minute droplets of fluids. The development may make way for the generation of the uniform yet microscopic capsules and particles that are often used in the products like inks, drugs, paints and cosmetics.

The droplet reacts by forming two poles that are electrically charged when a drop of the liquid that is electrically conductive is exposed to any electric field.  Previous studies have shown these poles can get attracted towards the electric field sources, taking shape similar to the cone.  If the attraction force is strong enough, the tip of the cones can function in spraying jets of liquid droplets. Experiments on this effect are known as electrospraying mostly involve the liquid drops surrounded by fluids that are less electrically conductive.

Research experts from the Northwestern University in the United States and the colleagues felt the need to explore all the incidents happening when the liquid drops are submerged in fluids that are more electrically conductive- mostly the silicone oil drops that are suspended in castor oil.

When any electric field is applied to a silicone oil drop that is suspended in castor oil, the drop can result in emitting and flattening rings from its equator which breaks into droplets.

If the magnitude of the electric field is high and strong enough, experts found that the equators if such squashed drops emitted minute concentric rings of droplets which made them appear like miniature versions of the Ringed Planet, Saturn.

In the experiments, the drops of silicone oil were of one-millimetre width, and these generated the droplets which were approximately 100 times smaller as reported by Petia Vlahovska from the Northwestern University to the “Live Science”. Vlahovska also observed that they could generate the rings in a much-regulated way. Future studies will dig out the materials that can be used in the production of such “ring of particles” effect.

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