Migrants die as boat sinks in Mediterranean

Migrants die as boat sinks in Mediterranean tecake file photo

It is estimated that around about 300 migrants who were going to Italy have died due to their dinghies sinking down the Mediterranean Sea. The migrants were mainly the residents of Africa. The reason for the sinking of the dinghies is said to be the exceeding the holding capacity of dinghies due to overcrowded harboring of people on the dinghy.

Although nine people are supposed to have been saved after four days at sea, others didn’t survive the drowning and died. The estimation of dead people by now has been over 300, and since they were migrants, the authorities cannot determine who all are missing.

The survivors are being treated at the local hospitals for signs of trauma, and sea diseases or conditions evolved due to so much sea exposure and that too without a choice.

The UNHCR Europe has said that this is a very tragic accident, and they need to improve their standards in order to avoid such disasters from occurring in the future. They plan to make the sea travelling safer for everyone, even if they are refugees.

Almost around thousands and lakhs of migrants come to Europe in order to make their luck in the country and to earn money to survive.

But this incident is not the first one, last year itself, more than 3,200 people were swallowed by the sea while trying to reach Italy by boat from Africa. This route has also been deemed very dangerous to travel and yet the smuggling networks don’t care about the count of lives lost for all that matters for them is to earn money somehow, it doesn’t matter who dies.

The authorities have been trying to figure out how to stop this impudent person and the culprits behind the people smuggling scam. We hope they do get caught and pay for what they have inflicted on others.

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