Microsoft to voice against Hate Speech: Wrapped off new application tool

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Microsoft, the leading tech monster has raised its voice against Hate Speech and launched new tools for its applications. On Saturday, Microsoft announced about the new tools to hold back hate speech on its applications. This newly launched tool is an entirely dedicated web form that will help users to report about abhorrence language hosted on any of the consumer services of Microsoft.

Each year, several reports about hate speeches and forbidden contents come to Microsoft from its various applications like Outlook, Skype, Xbox, OneDrive and Office 365 which are kept on driving millions of users worldwide.

In addition to this devoted web structure, Microsoft additionally reported a different network structure with application to re-assess contents and substance, which may have been wrongly labeled as scorn discourse by an individual or brought around the Microsoft group. As indicated by the official source, Microsoft has planned this tool for guarantee shielded online communication and cut back scorn speeches on any of its consumer platforms.

On Saturday, Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer of Microsoft posted a blog in which he mentioned that Microsoft would continue a modified, and innovative ‘notice-and-takedown’ approach to removing prescribed contents on hosted consumer services, and the new out-and-out form is designed to boost up the genuine quality and speed of the given reviews.

He also added that following the report of hate speech, the editorial team of Microsoft will weigh up the context and other factors and will take proper action against the content and the user’s account, if needed.

With this newly outlined tool, Microsoft is expected to cut back the reports of illegal contents, tackle the offensive posts on its applications and improve the transparency of its services.

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