Microsoft unveils Microsoft Band for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users


Microsoft, joining the race, has also unveiled a new smart wearable that is capable of showing you the daily weather, notifications and other necessary and required information. Coming this holiday season, the device is tagged at a price of mere $199 ( ₹12,243.5 ), which is comparatively lower than most of the smart wearables that are available in the market today, and those which are yet to be released next year, such as Apple Watch. However, what’s exciting here is that the company has made this Microsoft Band universal, meaning you can pair it with any device you may have.

Though it can be paired with any device, there are some features that can be left behind for not using a Windows Phone device with it. Redmond giant’s favourite voice assistant Cortana will only be available on the band when there is Windows Phone in the proximity and is paired with it. The rest of the features such as mail notifications and weather remain intact with any iOS and Android device.

Microsoft Band can track your heartbeat all day; it can measure calories burnt, sleep tracking, and there are few fitness guides curated by Gold’s Gym, Shape, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness. It keeps you connected all day by notifying you about the emails, calls, notifications and social updates.

Microsoft Band takes a full advantage of the recent health service launched by the Microsoft. Known as the Microsoft Health, the service takes the required data from the band and then combines it into to reflect a more organised and meaningful result. The data is collected from these bands and then stored over the cloud securely.
“We see an opportunity to bring these devices and services together to allow you to combine the information they collect and use the power of the cloud to turn that data in to something more valuable,” Microsoft Corporate Vice President Todd Holmdahl said in a statement.

Microsoft Band, which is already on sale in US, is expected to launch in the other parts of the world, including India, by 2015.

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