Microsoft to unveil Windows Watch this holiday season

windows watch

According to some of the reports, Microsoft is now manufacturing a smart wearable, otherwise known as Microsoft Watch, to enter in the health industry. Just like any other wearable from technology giants in the market, the focus has supposedly been kept on user’s fitness and other important tasks such as receiving an email.

It is without a doubt that the company will install a Windows version on it and will only work with Windows Phone 8.1 or 8 devices and the upcoming generations of the same, however, what’s unclear here is the name. Redmond giant is supposedly going to call it Windows Watch – or maybe some other name for that matter.

PC Magazine reported that the company is working on a new wearable that would hit the shelves during the holiday season. After Apple Inc. and Google, the Redmond giant is also working on to bring the devices that tracks user’s health and are more personal. However, the question would be, how well this new Windows Watch is going to perform against Apple Watch and other wearables such as Pebble.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the health market holds a lot of potential for these technology giants. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, is apparently laying less attention on PC version of Windows, but in the mobile technologies and cloud, which unarguably the primary source of revenue for the company.

The Windows watch is supposedly going to have Azure at its cloud-backend and just like the Apple Watch, it will help you track your fitness and daily activities.

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