Microsoft introduces PIN lock feature in Outlook for Android and iOS

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Microsoft has updated the Outlook app for iOS and Android to add advanced security capabilities. Earlier, which was cursed for not matching the security standards, the Redmond giant has now enabled the app to lock itself using a locally defined and stored key.

The new Outlook update requires the iOS 8, as it takes the full advantage of the Apple Inc’s advanced and nearly unbreakable cryptographic algorithms. iOS 8 has been dubbed as the most secure mobile operating system from Apple, and the Redmond giant is relying heavily on it for the cryptographic needs.

Almost two weeks ago, company delivered the very first version of the Outlook on the iOS and Android devices, and now they have released another version of it boasting a particular PIN mechanism that will lock out the app if it is closed or inactive.

Microsoft said, “Outlook now implements password enforcement using Exchange ActiveSync. If your company email policy requires that devices have a password in order to sync mail, Outlook will enforce this at the device level. How this works on iOS and Android devices varies slightly, based on the available controls provided by Apple and Google.”

For Apple iOS, one can quickly set-up a PIN in the Settings menu, however if it is not set Outlook will not allow the user to use it. On the other hand, in Android the Outlook will enforce screen lock rules.

 Microsoft said, “Google provides controls that allow Outlook to honor additional Office 365 and Exchange policies regarding password length and complexity requirements and the number of allowable screen-unlock attempts before wiping the phone. It will also encourage storage encryption if it is not enabled. Outlook will guide users through this process with a step-by-step walkthrough.”

However, if the device is not supported, then the users won’t be able to use the Outlook on it.

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