Microsoft India slashes Xbox 360 price to ₹12,990


Microsoft India announced a price drop in the generation old Xbox 360 gaming console. The baseline model which was previously selling at 15,990 has been now slashed to 12,990. This reduced price is said to be a crowd luring act from Microsoft as an attempt to attract more Indian customers.

The 250 GB Xbox 360 model with Kinect now retails at Rs 29,900, and the standalone 500 GB Xbox without Kinect retails at Rs 19,990. As a special offer to Indian customers, Microsoft is throwing in two games, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Ghosts, along with free Xbox Live Gold Membership for a month. These games will be available for free download to the buyers instead of physical copies of them.

It’s a good deal for gamers who were planning to buy the Xbox in the near future. The Xbox is a great option for gamers who are on a budget or those who can’t afford the better Xbox One. The controller on the Xbox is highly praised by the players who play shooting or FPS games. The fact that the Xbox 360’s controller fits much more comfortably and adapts to the shape of the human hand makes it a better option than its rivals.The console comes with built-in Wi-Fi, a black wireless controller and a standard definition composite A/V cable, all in a shiny casing, making gamers drool all over it.

Since both Sony and Microsoft were subjected to online DDoS attacks by the hacking groups like Lizard Squad, so there are chances of those occurring again. The experts believe that the Xbox Live is a bit more secure than the PlayStation Network, making it a better option in that sense.

The Xbox 360 is available online  through Microsoft’s dedicated Amazon India Store, along with all the games and accessories.

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