Microsoft finally acknowledges ‘Safely remove hardware’ is annoying; Try Quick Removal now

Microsoft finally acknowledges 'Safely remove hardware' is annoying; Try Quick Removal now

Years have passed but Windows never changed its ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ process still found its way on Windows 10 after a series of operating systems were launching in-between when the process was first introduced. It is annoying and constantly bugs people out where most of ‘em would simply strive away from it and manually eject the USB drive while a minor portion of people would actually perform this method but things are about to change.

Microsoft has finally updated the said process by allowing users with Windows 10 updates with Windows 10 version 1809 that was released in October 2018. This means that there is no longer need to actually go through the strenuous ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ procedure now and you can simply eject the USB drive, Thunderbolt, flash drives, external hard drives, data transfers via USB cable, and more without any hassle.

Named as ‘Quick Removal’, although this method needs a setup on Windows 10 with October 2018 update, it is still worth a short although there is a minor catch. According to ZDNet, the ‘Better Performance’ feature which we usually see before ejecting a USB drive allows Windows to properly manage storage operations and data transfers where it caches data to improve performance while increasing the speed of data transfers as well.

On the other hand, the Quick Removal method would actually squash Windows’ method to create and store cache files as it transfers data which means, although you will be able to remove the said hardware without ejecting it first, it will mean that the system won’t create any cache files, the data transfer would take longer and since Windows isn’t caching data, it wouldn’t be able to account for any data loss if it occurs.

The users will be able to switch between better performance and quick removal methods on a per-device basis. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure data transfer is fluid and without any hassle is to stick to copying important data via better performance mode which is faster and reliable while for any other data, you can use quick removable mode which is although a little slower but ensures that you don’t have to wait to complete a strenuous procedure before ejecting the USB drive.

Here’s how you can switch between the two modes.

  • Firstly, connect the USB drive or phone via USB cable to the computer.
  • Tap on ‘Start’ and select ‘File Explorer’.
  • Next, check out the label on the said drive such as ‘Removable disk A’ for instance.
  • Next, right-click on the Start menu and select ‘Disk Management’.
  • Scroll to find the said label of your USB drive and right-click on it and select ‘Properties’.
  • Scroll to ‘Policies’ on the given menu and select ‘Quick removal’ and tap on ‘OK’.

Note that you can revert to the better performance mode simply by adhering to the said procedure and selecting ‘better performance’ instead of ‘quick removal’. Perhaps that must conclude the said procedure.

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