Microsoft Corp. reportedly investing $70M in Cyanogen, snatching Android away

Microsoft Corp. reportedly investing $70mn in Cyanogen, snatching Android away

Microsoft Corp. is reportedly planning to invest nearly $70 million in the Android ROM maker, Cyanogen. Cyanogen is company that starts at the very basic level of Android and moves further to achieve a performance-enhanced variant of the Google’s operating system. The objective behind it is yet not clear, however, reports suggests that the Microsoft is probably helping this start-up in taking away Android from Google.

Cyanogen ROMs are among those that are widely seen running on a number of smartphones, and recently few companies, including Micromax and OnePlusOne, started rolling out their devices with a pre-installed version of it. However, the question of this hour isn’t about Cyanogen, but of why the Redmond giant is willing to invest $70mn in a company that is based on Android.

According to the Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster, the company wants “to take away the Android from Google”, and Microsoft is merely supporting the movement. According to some other reports, the investment will help Cyanogen shape Android that aligns with Microsoft.

The investment will help Cyanogen in moving away from Google, and the start-up is already inclining towards replacing the Google Play apps by those that have been home grown by the company itself. The idea is somewhat similar to how Amazon uses the operating system for its Kindle line of products.

The investment will apparently open the doors for Cyanogen to build its services on the top of Microsoft products, including Outlook and Bing. This new move from Microsoft, without a doubt, has ignited a lot of chatter among folks. Analysts believe that the company will probably take some lead over Google with this.

Both the Cyanogen and Microsoft are moving in a direction that will help them dig their nails deeper in the Android ecosystem. There can be several possible outcomes out of which one can be that we are looking at a Cyanogen ROM that looks like Windows Phone with Microsoft services in the backend.

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