Microsoft to Blame US National Security Agency for WannaCry Ransomware

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While the world is taken aback by the unexpected mass-cyber attack, which left millions of computers stock-still and breached, there is a blame game concocting over that is actually accountable for the massive cyber-attack. While the leading tech firm Microsoft is holding the US government responsible for the massive attack, some international experts have counterattacked Microsoft, claiming it also be responsible for the happening. The huge cyber-breached event, which kicked off on Friday, spread like never before and affected millions of computers and computerised data in over 150 countries. While Britain’s National Health Service experienced the hardest hit from the attack, several other government agencies and organisations also faced server troubles because of this attack.

The hacker, whose are yet to be recognised employed a technique, allegedly stolen from the US National Security Agency for targeting the market-leading Windows operating system of Microsoft. While the attackers failed to hack systems and computers that are running on Apple’s iOS operating system, systems running on Microsoft’s Window faced hardest hit from the cyber crooks. Hackers, after breaching and hacking the systems, actually took over the hostage of the computers and demanded a $300 or around Rs. 20,000 as ransom, and commanded the ransom amount to be paid in 72 hours in Bitcoin.

Brad Smith, the President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft has blamed the practice of US’s National Security Agency for developing hacking techniques to use against the own enemies of the US government, while some others have blamed Microsoft’s poor programming. As reports say, the vulnerabilities, developed by National Security Agency were leaked to the internet, following which the cyber crooks succeeded in hacking millions of computers across the world. Once the susceptible links became public, anyone can use them for accessing into others’ systems and networks.

Back in March this year, thousands of allegedly leaked documents of Central Intelligence Agency uncovered the vulnerabilities in televisions, smartphones, and software, programmed by Apple, Google and Samsung Electronics. And now the recent event again has taken the world completely aback. According to Alex Abdo, a staff lawyer at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, “The claim that the mass cyber attack is attributable to NSA’s mistake has merit. However, NSA is not entirely responsible for the event, and hence Microsoft should voluntarily accept some accountability.”

The virus, dubbed as ‘WannaCry 2.0’ has already affected hundreds of thousands of systems and computers in over 150 nations across the world. The software, once installed encrypts the stored files of the computer, and then hackers demand a ransom amount to restore the locked data. In China only, more than 18,000 IP addresses have already been affected by the virus, while across the world, there are hundreds of thousands of computers have been hacked by the malicious software.

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