Microsoft announces Cortana assistance on Windows 10 PC

Microsoft unveils Cortana for windows 10

Microsoft Corp. has finally raised the curtain from one of the most awaited features for the PC users. The Redmond giant, today at the Windows live event, unveiled that its favorite personal assistant, Cortana, will be available for the Windows 10 PC. Jeff Belfiore showed how Cortana perfectly blends in the new Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Preview event brought some of the exciting announcements from Microsoft this year, however, the addition of the personal assistant is totally new for any of the operating systems. Windows has probably become the first operating system to come bundled with a smart cloud based personal assistant.

No doubt that Bing powered Cortana has done wonders on the mobile devices running Windows Phone 8.1, company has made it learn enough that it can do the same on the desktop computers. From sending an email to setting up a reminder or checking weather, Cortana in Windows 10 PC can do almost everything.

Though the build is still in beta version, Joe Belfiore successfully displayed some of the tasks you can perform with the Cortana. Cortana, can help you send an email while you are working on some other task, it can tell you whether to take umbrella with you or not, and it can even search files for you on your computer, OneDrive and OneDrive for businesses.

Along with the Cortana, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 will be free to update on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. The company has also introduced a touch-focused Office for smartphones and tablets.

The company also unveiled Project Spartan, which is a new browser that is built from the ground up to work flawlessly across PC, tablet and smartphones. It boasts the same UI from the Windows 10.

Spartan comes along with several useful features such as note-taking, reader view and more.

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