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The Android and iOS users will now be able to enjoy the Microsoft’s Halo-based virtual assistant, Cortana. The Redmond giant has just announced that the company will start to roll out Cortana for Android and iOS smartphones.

As of now, the assistant is only available on Windows Phone and it is, however, first time when any of the key virtual assistant programmes is running on a different Operating System.

In addition, Microsoft announced that the firm is going to launch dedicated apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store that provide users the same features and abilities including reminders and flight tracking, that were previously seen in Windows Phone.

According to TeCake technologists, the new app to the Google Play Store and the App Store can’t embed to the OS, as a result the features like hands-free activation and options to launch apps directly, will be missing.

However, its ‘Notebook’ feature will be available to the new app, it will remember all user preferences and history that allows to sync up the devices, whether it would be a Windows Phone or an Android.

“Everything in Cortana’s Notebook will show up across all your devices and any changes you make on one device will be reflected when you use Cortana on any of your other devices. The Cortana companion app will help you complete tasks you begin on your PC wherever you are, on your phone,” said an official Windows blog.

The company’s spokesperson said that the feature will start rolling out in June for Android, however, the iPhone users have to wait some more time as the developers would take some more time in integration and testing.

Besides this, the firm has also started a Phone Campaign app that may help iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone users to sync their device to the PC. According to a Windows blog, using the campaign app the users can access apps on your Windows 10 PC.

For an instance, the note written in OneNote in the Pc will reflect on to the smartphone, also the photos backed up on the One Drive from the Phone can be accessed through the Photos app on your Windows 10 PC.

“With the latest upcoming version of the Music app, you’ll be able to store and access your music from OneDrive not only on your PC but now also play it anywhere, for free, on your iOS or Android phone,” says the blog.

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What is Cortana?

Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows Phone Operating System from Microsoft. The technology is also now available in Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Cortana builds off Microsoft’s previous voice technology called TellMe that was purchased in 2009.


Cortana allows its users to set reminders, recognize natural voice without a predefined series of commands as an input. It answers questions using information from Bing, like current weather, traffic conditions, sports scores, and biographies etc.

The developers team has included ‘SmartSearch’ feature into the Cortana that replaces the previous Bing Search app, which got activated when a user presses the “Search” button on their device.

Moreover, Cortana also includes a music recognition service and also it rolls a dice, flips a coin by asking the commands “roll a die” (one die), “roll the dice” (two dice), and “flip a coin”, etc.

The Concert Watch feature of Cortana determines which bands or musicians the user is interested in, by monitoring the Bing searches.

Cortana also integrates with the Microsoft Band for Windows Phone devices, if connected via Bluetooth. On the Microsoft Band, Cortana can make reminders and bring phone notifications.


The “Notebook” is a feature of Cortana where personal information of users such as interests, location data, reminders, and contacts will be stored. Cortana will be able to draw upon and add to this data in order to learn a user’s specific patterns and behaviors. Users will be able to view this information, with the aim of offering greater control over privacy settings by allowing them to specify what information is collected, “a level of control that goes beyond comparable

Users will be able to view this information, with the aim of offering greater control over privacy settings by allowing them to specify what information is collected, “a level of control that goes beyond comparable assistance”. Users can also delete information from the “Notebook” if they deem it undesirable for Cortana to know.


Most versions of Cortana take the form of two nested, animated circles. The circles are animated to indicate certain activities such as ‘searching’ or ‘talking’.


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