Alien Hunt: Researchers to send complex ‘Hello’ signals in space so that extraterrestrial life can find us

METI scientists to send 'Hello' signal in space hoping to get reply from Aliens

Are we alone in the universe? It is a very debatable topic as some believe that universe is so large that possibility of existence of alien life in some other corner of the world is very high. Some also believe that alien life might be more intelligent than us and instead of waiting for them to find us, we should send signals in the space telling them our location.

In a similar attempt, a San Francisco-based non-profit organisation METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International has revealed that it will start sending ‘Hello’ signals in space starting in 2018 so that any alien life if present, can hear us and get our location and come to Earth to share knowledge.

‘If we want to start an exchange over the course of many generations, we want to learn and share information,’ said Douglas Vakoch, the president of METI. ‘It’s too late to conceal ourselves in the universe, so we should decide how we want to represent ourselves,’ said Vakoch. ‘Extraterrestrials may be waiting for a clear indication from us that we’re ready to start talking.’

As per the reports, METI is planning to start sending complex signals in space by 2018. Vakoch revealed that scientists have sent signals in space several times in the past and most famous was sent by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. However, they did not receive any positive results.

Therefore, METI scientists are planning to send more complex signals which will reveal some details about our solar system, life on Earth and human beings. Researchers will encode all these information in binary form which aliens can later decode and read to find us.

Many conspiracy theorists said that we should not contact aliens as they might be millions of years ahead of us and their move will be nothing less than magic to us. Also, they might kill us just for the sake of getting energy. Therefore we should not invite doom by contacting aliens instead we should hide.

Some said that collision of two civilisations always leads to extinction of one and in this case aliens are superior to humans. Thus, we should stop sending any signals in space. Even, renowned professor Stephen Hawking have said that we should not contact aliens at all. Hawking’s warnings are based on the perception that an alien civilization, which is efficient enough in receiving or answering a signal, holds every possibility of being billions of year more developed than the humans on this earth.

While another counter said that we are sending radio signals in space and probability of aliens understanding those signals is very less, therefore, we should not waste our money and time in such operations.

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  • According to the Indian Hindu philosophy the man has a distinctive voice though the range of audible voice varies from 20 hertz to 20000 hertz. If at all if a being in some other part of universe they must have a distinct language which will be quite different than ours.

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