Messages sent by aliens can be dangerous, a recent study suggest

Messages sent by aliens can be dangerous, a recent study suggest

Scientists have been searching traces of Aliens throughout the galaxy for years now. Although many sightings are reported every year irrespective of how valid the claims are, humans are still searching for another form of life outside Earth. However, in a recent study conducted at the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany and University of Hawaii warns not to read messages sent by aliens as it could be dangerous to open it without knowing its content. The only suggested way to escape any disastrous results is to avoid opening those messages.

According to two researchers at Sonneberg Observatory and the University of Hawaii, opening messages sent by supposedly ‘aliens’ can destroy each and every form of life on Earth. The researchers supported their claims stating that aliens can destroy an entire planet with just a message and that is discussed in their paper ‘Interstellar Communication IX Message decontamination is possible’. The paper describes the possible disaster that could occur if scientists open such messages without knowing the content which could be dangerous. The duo suggested avoiding the message and discarding them is a better solution than trying to read and decipher it.

Another study conducted by John G. and Michale Hipke and posted in the journal ‘Independent’ suggested that any contact to alien civilization could be harmful. Moving further, the researchers have elaborated how these messages could be dangerous. The messages sent by the aliens could contain a computer virus that will infect all the networks across the globe after coming it contacts. Another possibility is of artificial intelligence on Earth being infected by the virus and then they take over all the computing system on the Earth. On the contrary, scientists claim that decoding such messages if received would have huge rewards while the chances of attracting risks are comparatively small.

According to the papers, researchers have claimed to create a ‘prison-like structure’ that will contain all the messages if sent by aliens to safely contain it. Further, they suggested supplying the messages in a secure box to the moon which will be away from Artificial Intelligence and can be accessed only by high-profile, important authorized people.

It is being assumed that if such messages are decoded by humans, it could open possibilities of getting resources and knowledge beyond imaginations. It is so because aliens are assumed to have far more advanced scientific knowledge than humans could imagine. The academic paper concluded that humans must send out messages in the form of music, images, encyclopedia, etc and not in any form of code as it will need to decrypt. Thus, researchers have claimed that if scientists transmit messages, it must be in a simple format.

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