A study reveals that men get “antenatal blues” on the first pregnancy of their partner. They  develop a fear or a so-called depression when their first child is about to be born.

The study also  reveals  that this fear is due to the fact that men are no longer the  centre of attraction of the family after their baby is born. Though they are still  the head of the  family, but the love off  their partner gets divided between them and the child and in most cases, the child gets more love from the mother.

13% of the studied men showed signs of depression in their partner’s pregnancy period. However, this happens only during  the  birth of first baby. A man gets many feelings at the same time- terrifying, joyful, nerve-racking, exciting. The birth of a child is a ray of hope for a man to carry his genetics to the next generation and let his race survive.

A father may be howsoever depressed by the birth, but in the end a father is best-helping stone, pillars to his/her better future and does every possible thing that he can for his children.

The arrival of a first baby from the point of view of the father is a massive shift, just as it is for the mother. Antenatal depression is rational enough and the solution is to keep reminding yourself that it can sometimes be hard to believe when you find yourself suddenly living on the fringes of your own life.

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