men with bigger belly last longer in bed

Until today everyone believed that men with bigger bellies underperform on bed as compared to men with six pack abs. However, a new study has revealed that men with bigger bellies last longer while having sex. In fact, they perform better by a significant margin, according to the study authors from Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey.

Research was based on a yearlong survey that involved nearly 200 men including men with bigger bellies and slimmer men, in Turkey.  All the volunteers were asked to submit a self-assessment report of their performance and lasting time on bed. Researchers found that men who categorically fell under obese lasted nearly five minutes longer during sex than slimmer men. Men with bellies overshadowed slimmer men at least on bed.  Not only men on the heavier side performed better, but performance of slimmer men was below par with the survival time of just two minutes. The study said that the slimmer group of people are more likely suffer from per ejaculation.

It was found by the study that an average man with BMI (Body Mass Index) on the higher side lasts for nearly 7.3 minutes while having sex.

“So let us say a guy has sex 100 times annually. If he has a belly, he is going to spend approximately eight hours — an entire work day — more per year in sex with his lover than if he has a six-pack. That is a substantial amount of time,” the study author said.

While investigating the reason for new finding, researchers found that estradiol, a female sex hormone triggers the expansion of the belly in men. Men with higher estradiol are more likely to develop bigger belly. However, estradiol might  be the reason behind men with higher BMI lasting long on bed.

So don’t just underestimate your partner if he is on a heavier side, as he can outperform those men boasting six pack abs if we believe the study to be true.

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