MediaTek launches two new SoCs for wearable


SoC or System on Chip is one of the most crucial parts of current digital gadgets like the computer. It is the circuit that integrates all the data and elements of electric devices into one single chip, including digital, analogue, mixed-signal, and often radio-frequency functions. While the technology and demands for SoCs are boosting up over time, several companies have taken their step forward to manufacture high-end and powerful SoCs and MediaTek is one of such enterprises. With various chips and innovation, the company is trying its best to strengthen its root in the Indian market, and with the launch of two new SoCs, the company is looking forward to more opportunities to create its influential footprint in Indian wearable market.

MediaTek Inc, the Taiwanese fabless semiconductor conglomerate which is renowned for manufacturing SoCs for wireless communications, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray systems yesterday introduced two new SoCs for the digital wearable market. Thursday, the company, wrapped off curtain from two new system-on-chips (SoCs) which are purposely manufactured for assisting the health and fitness items and wearable market in India.

Named as MT2511 and MT2523, both chips are dedicated to wearable. Among these two, MT2511 is the first bio-sensing analogue front-end (AFE) chipset of MediaTek that features an in-built and exclusive heart beat hiatus technology and 4KB SRAM which is designed to optimise the overall power consumption of the system for the monitoring of sleep heart rate. In addition to this, MT2511 also can get bio-signal in the course of electrocardiography (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) concurrently.

In addition to this, the second one, MT2523 is intended for smart fitness watches and is expected to reach on your wrists sooner than the first one. It comprises microcontroller unit which helps in providing high-effectiveness signal processing functionality at less power consumption and reasonable price with accessibility advantages. Along with these features, the MT2523 is also packed with an advanced GPS; Bluetooth enriched with dual-mode, and an MIPI-supporting high-resolution mobile screen. With advanced charging technology, the chip is expected to last one week on a single charge.

Mr. Kuldeep Malik, Country Head – Corporate Sales International, MediaTek India, on the auspicious occasion of announcing two new SoCs said that MediaTek since its initiate days has always been looking forward to embracing advanced technology and has always focused on merging influence of technology with the digital efficiency. Today, the company is glad to introduce two new SoCs which are the ideal representation of innovation, modernity, and power.

Taking the statement further, he said, with the MT2523 and MT2511 SoCs, MediaTek is planning to thicken the capacity of the wearable segment in the Indian market as well as wishing to cover health-related applications. The company with these two new SoCs will deliver a cluster of gadgets like fitness trackers, active lifestyle smart watches, sports, fitness bands, and much more.

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