May’s night skies will be graced by shining Venus and bright Jupiter

The month of May has arrived and according to the scientists, this month will be the best bet to get the best view of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter will be shining very bright in the early days of May. Along with Venus, the brightest planet in Earth’s night sky, Jupiter could also be seen as a bright star in the night sky.

The sky watchers can get a very splendid and clear view of the bright Jupiter in the night sky. In the month of May, the night skies are usually clear and dark. So, many planets are visible as darkness falls. And Jupiter will offer its best views to sky gazers for 2018 this May. Venus will continue to shine brightly in the West while Jupiter will be clearly visible in the east. Just 20 minutes after the sunset, people can see Venus about a quarter of the way up in the night sky.

Jupiter will appear just about 45 minutes after the sunset. While Venus will get set in the west two hours after sunset, Jupiter will be seen moving across the night sky from East to the south-west until it disappears in the brightness of the morning sky. According to the scientists, Jupiter will be reaching opposition on May 8. That means it will be on the opposite side of the sky looking bright and easy to spot.

On May 8, Jupiter will line up with Earth and the Sun and will rise just after sunset in the constellation Libra and reach the highest in the sky by midnight before setting near the time of sunrise. During that time, the planet will be at its closest approach to Earth, almost 663 million kilometers away from our planet. The skywatchers will be able to see the brightest Jupiter this year on May 8 just after sunset. Due to its close proximity to Earth and highly reflective clouds, the planet will appear the brightest in the night sky. Also, with the help of a telescope, people can see the four largest moons of Jupiter.

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