In a mass murder a man kills eight before killing himself

edmonton faces worst mass murder in which 8 got killed

Edmonton: In an extreme case of domestic violence, a man killed eight people including six adults and two young children before killing himself in Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton Police called the incident as city’s one of the worst case of mass murder on Tuesday.

Rod Knecht, Edmonton Police Chief, said that there was not any clues of gang involvement. However, the suspect had a lengthy criminal record and was well-known to police since September 1987.

His first victim was Cindy Doung, 37, who was shot in at home on Monday, few hours later he killed two men and three women between the ages of 25 and 50 and a boy and a girl under age of ten. According to reports, he used 9 mm handgun to kill Cindy Doung that was stolen from Surrey in 2006. Suspect was found in the restaurant in Edmonton.

Knecht said that it started when police responded to a call telling about a man entering a home, opening fire and fleeing. Soon officers went to the place but no one answered the door. However, police found nothing suspicious to address the issue and returned back.

“We cannot just arbitrarily go into that residence,” explained the chief. Neighbour Moe Assiff said he saw officers come out and talk to a woman sitting with a man in a white car outside the house.

“She just let out a hysterical scream. It was eerie,” Mr. Assiff said. “She was screaming about her kids- ‘My kids! The kids!,’ grabbing her hair and trying to pull her hair out. The cops then ushered her down the road into a police cruiser.”

Later suspect’s body was found in VN Express Asian restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan.

“In this season of peace and goodwill, this act of violence is all the more difficult to comprehend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those involved at this very difficult time. May they find strength in knowing that Albertans share in their loss.”

Knetch said that Edmonton is a small city with a population of nearly 87,000 and mass murder like this is very rare. In 1956 six people were killed in a mass murder. Knecht called it a worst mass murder in the history of Edmonton and he gave condolence to the families who lost their ones.

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