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Well, Mars has always captivated our researchers and scientists with its mysteries and has become the leading planet for them to explore. And if you think only astronomers and researchers can explore the Red Planet then you are wrong. Because, NASA is giving you a chance to get yourself involved in the exploration of Mars, which is full of surprises. Through NASA, you can send your name to Mars on a microchip on board the Insight mission.

In 2015, NASA first tried to reach out to general public and space enthusiast and invited people to submit their names which would be then put on a microchip on board the spacecraft designed for its Insight mission to Mars. And now, NASA has given another opportunity for those who missed the first opportunity. It has again decided to invite people to submit their names which would be added to a second microchip. In this way, people who love space and are fascinated about Mars could at least send their names to the Mars.

During the first invitation, around 827,000 people added their names on the microchip and then for the second round, more than 900,000 people have already submitted their names. Bruce Banerdt, the principal investigator of the Insight Mission, said that Mars has always excited the space enthusiasts of all ages and this rare opportunity would let them become a part of the spacecraft which would study the inside of the Red Planet.

He added that those users who add their name to the list would get a boarding pass that shows the Atlas V launch vehicle, the launch site at California, USA and the arrival site at Elysium Planitia on Mars. The name of the landing location is depicted as ‘Plain of Ideal Happiness.’ Users would also be able to accumulate frequent flier points, which were previously available for the Orion Spacecraft and also they would be available for the Exploration Mission-1 next.

The main work of the Insight spacecraft would be to detect Marsquakes and meteor strikes. A self-hammering heat probe would tunnel into the ground, and explore the interiors of Mars at depths that no previous probes have reached yet.

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