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Market America Events: Becoming A Brand Expert

As a Market America UnFranchise owner, you need to consistently keep up with the community. Part of this responsibility is going to Market America events, which are held year-round. Events are held all over the United States, so there’s bound to be an accessible event for those who can’t yet afford the cross-country plane ticket. Market America events don’t just happen in the U.S. so fear not if you’re with Market America international. All of these events are crafted with camaraderie and motivation in mind, so you’ll never find them lacking support and inspiration. One of the biggest rewards of attending Market America events is becoming a brand expert.

Market America UnFranchise owners are experts in their fields. There’s no coincidence in that. The Market America system is created in a way that fosters the growth of UnFranchise owners. Unparalleled training programs are offered throughout the year to enhance knowledge and engagement. UnFranchise owners sell exclusive Market America products like TLS Weight Loss Solution, nutraMetrix, Conquer Entertainment, Motives, and maWebCenters. For each of these product lines, there is certifications and training available. UnFranchise owners who participate in these will gain a deeper knowledge of the products and be put into the optimal position to sell to and educate the public.

Leveraging expertise by consistently learning and going to Market America events poises you to be a reputable voice for the brand. Let’s dissect that. The more you know, the more clearly you can explain the benefits of your product. You will be taken far more seriously if you’re able to answer your customer’s questions. Being a brand expert is convertible into sales. Garnering that trust by Ridinger says “This event is all about empowering people through knowledge.” You heard it from the Market America CEO – knowledge is power.

The Market America events are going to make you a confidence UnFranchise seller. And once you have a firm grasp on your product, you won’t be selling so much as relating your experience and expertise. In fact, Market America events are ideal especially for those who are uncomfortable with direct selling. Selling in the traditional sense turns off the modern consumer. So the information gained from Market America events are the foundation for clear and authentic sales. One of the best things you can do for your business is train yourself and get to know what you’re really selling. Let the product drive your passion.

JR Ridinger says “I love it when UnFranchise Owners become a product of the product and experience the benefits of our exclusive brands themselves.” Part of becoming a brand expert is granting yourself the total ability to forge a relationship with what you’re selling. What’s the use of selling something you don’t know? You’re making your job much harder by staying in the dark. Product-specific Market America events bring you into direct relation with the source of your livelihood.

When you attend the events, you’re getting a powerful education. Market America has made the training available to increase confidence and power through knowledge. JR Ridinger says that “Building your knowledge base on our exclusive products is a tremendous way to give yourself a serious edge.” That serious edge can even propel you to become a Certified Trainer. With this certification, you can teach and coach others to embrace principles of success in their own Market America UnFranchise businesses.

Each of the Market America events is tailored. So if you’re going to a product-specific event, you’ll be focusing exclusively on what’s pertinent to you when you’re there. If you’re at a Motives training, you’ll be concentrating on the makeup marketplace, color theory, blending methods, and holding a great consultation session. Meanwhile, at a nutraMetrix training, you may be discussing new health trends and medical findings that bolster your product’s effectiveness. You’ll go home with the tools to be a confident spokesperson for your brand and you may even come home with some freebies!

On an individual level, going to Market America events is a no-brainer for those who want to get ahead in their UnFranchise business. But the reach of your knowledge goes well beyond benefiting just you. Remember, Market America is structured for the success of a whole network of people connected to you. So when you make more sales and you become the brand expert, you’re actually helping a lot of people. Make sure to share the information that you know with your fellow UnFranchise owners and encourage them to go to events.

We’ve touched on this a bit, but one of the best parts of Market America events is actually the motivation and community. Having your team alongside you is the ultimate way to foster a sense of accountability for becoming the best UnFranchise owners that you can be. During the events, you should be creating a list of actionable items to fulfill once you get back home. Though the electric energy of the event might end, don’t let your passion fizzle. Keep on acting towards your goals and dreams. Become the expert.

Becoming a brand expert is a process, and going to Market America events is essential. Don’t underestimate the power of going through formal training. It’s already done a world of good – especially for the Market America millionaires. None of them got to where they are by neglecting to attend these events. If there’s one thing for certain about Market America, it’s that it’s system-based and it works. But it requires you to put in the time and energy. Becoming a brand expert means trusting in the system and learning from the best. With Market America, you’re all set to become a successful UnFranchise owner. Market America has laid out all of the groundwork and set out the steps you need to take to get to your goals. The power is in your hands to become the brand expert!

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