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March 29 unpacking of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+: Here are all the rumors that may come true

As the day of the product launch for Samsung’s next flagship device, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ draws closer; the company has certainly warmed itself up for the gruelling competition as other smartphone makers are also set to pitch their creations to the customers during the same time span.

Ahead of the actual product becoming available at the stores and outlets, the buyers are looking forward to the unpacking event that is scheduled for March 29 at an event in New York. As the company still hasn’t completely recovered from the damages it suffered as a result of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year, it has tried to keep the pomp and show around the new device at an optimum level.

Now, the various leaks and rumours galore around the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ has piqued the interest of the buyers at large. Here, we enumerate some of the exceptional features that the device is rumoured to pack thus making itself one of the best premium smartphones of the year:

  • AI voice-assistant Bixby: taking a leaf out of the Apple playbook, Samsung has finally decided to put to the test its very own AI assistant, Bixby in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+- just like Cortana for Windows and Siri for the iPhone.
  • Facial recognition software and support for Samsung pay: a couple of weeks ago, Samsung got itself in partnership with major banks for India and mobile payment service, Paytm for the launch of its mobile payment service, Samsung pay. The service is believed to make its presence felt among the Samsung users by getting bundled with the new flagship by then company i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

If further rumours are to be believed, the phone would also house the capability to enable the users to make payment via facial recognition software that comes with the device.

  • Newer design elements: The craze over bezel-less design has been through the roof for some time now. Hence it is highly likely that the company sets the ball in motion by launching one of the first flagship products that can boast of completely bezel-less design on its device. In addition to that, Samsung is also believed to incorporate the all glass and aluminium body for the Galaxy S8 twins.
  • Processing chipsets: The twin flagship products would be sporting Samsung’s very own Exynos 8895 chipsets for the global model whereas the same device to be launched in the US would host a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Both the chipsets in the respective devices look comparable in capabilities with multi-core architecture, and the Exynos chipset seems particularly compelling owing to its custom made core design by Samsung.

  • Audio capabilities tuned by AKG: with support for 3.5mm audio jack, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are expected to bring forth the best of audio tech in business by bringing in AKG tuned audio capabilities for the device.
  • Additionally, the twin device would also feature premium specifications such as Dust and water resistance and QuickCharge wireless charging as well.
  • Slow-Mo video recording: now this particularly quirky feature of this flagship smartphone would find many takers, as Samsung is set to roll out the Motion Eye technology by Sony that enables the user to capture Super Slow-mo videos at a 960Fps standard. This piece of tech would be slightly tweaked to go up to a 1000 Fps for the Galaxy S8 twins, thereby making it the only device with a rear camera that can capture in the slowest motion.

While the odds seems to have stacked up for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, what needs to be seen is how much of these rumours about the device capabilities and specifications come true.

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