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Do you know how many sex partners you should try before settling down? It might sound weird to some especially Indians but 10 is the ideal number of partners people should experiment with before settling down with someone.

The mind-boggling figures were revealed by the Britain’s largest extra-marital dating site named that conducted an online survey. According to the site, 1000 people participated in the online survey wherein they were asked several questions including the ideal number of lovers to have for both men and women before putting the break to experiments and settling down with one partner.

The numbers that came out of the survey were very shocking. According to the poll, 37 percent men and 38 percent men who participated in the survey believed that people who had more than 10 sexual partners in Britain were promiscuous. While people who had less than 10 partners were considered as inexperienced.

In addition, 3 percent of women and 4 percent of men said that people who had more than 20 relations were turn off and participants refused to settle with people who fell in this category.

Another interesting question was on disclosure of sexual history of partner. 35 percent women voted that they would like to know about the sexual activity and history of their partner while only 30 percent of men voted for the same.

These numbers might be eyebrow catching for many Indians, since having so many lovers is still considered as a taboo in India but it seems that the survey has found the goldilocks zone of sexual partners in Britain.

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