Manoj Kumar wins Arjuna Award after filing case against Kapil’s Committee

Boxer Manoj Kumar getting awarded with Arjuna Award

Indian Boxer Manoj Kumar finally got the Arjuna Award for his remarkable performance in boxing. However, Kapil Dev involved in Selection Committee did not support this decision as he believed that the boxer was involved in doping. Manoj, who achieved this prestigious award from Sports Minister Sarbababda Sonowal on November 26, 2014, seemed disturbed and perplexed as he talked about the award committee. He said, “   My work is to do boxing. According to my achievements, I simply deserved the award but they (the committee) sidelined me. I do not know who made those false allegations against me of doping, and I had been ruled out.”

He was disappointed with Kapil Dev, whom he called once to convey his message, but unfortunately Kapil cut the phone. When he called him, Kapil asked unknowingly that ‘do I know you?’.Then Manoj introduced himself, “I am boxer Manoj, who won a gold medal in CWG. Moreover, my name has been removed from the Arjuna Award list, and you are giving the award to a bronze medalist.” After that Kapil dropped the call saying that he did not want to talk about these things.

He was also earlier refused by the Kapil Dev’s Selection Committee for this award and boxer Jai Bhagwan’s name was suggested for the great honour. Manoj confronted the Sports Ministry officials after getting treated rudely after which officials ensured him that his name would be included to the nominees in a review meeting.

After getting ignored for the second time in the review meeting, Manoj adopted the legal way and registered a case in the Delhi High Court. Court made the judgement in the favour of the CWG gold medalist that made Ministry officials to consent his name in the list for the award. The Ministry, through their lawyer, accepted in the court that they thought that Manoj was involved in a doping case mistakenly and was not initially regarded for the coveted honour. Finally, he succeeded to get Arjuna Award for his achievements.

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