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Mango Live APK v3.3.7! Download today! Absolutely Free!

Mango Live APK


Sitting at home and doing nothing is definitely going to ruin the mental health. To avoid this distress we have come up with the most amazing app “Mango Live APK”. This app is definitely a great one to connect with people sitting at home itself. You can easily become popular, make new friends around the world, broadcast yourself, your talents and beauty. Not, only this but you can exchange gifts and convert them to your real money! What are you still waiting for? Go through this article and immediately install this application for free to get all the benefits available in this application.


Name Mango Live APK
Size 48 Mb
Mod Features Not available
Genre Streaming
OS 4.4+
Version 3.3.7
Google Play Link

Download Now

Time does fly! There were times when everyone preferred physical meetings over online ones. Sharing of the feelings was much better before than now. The meetings and gatherings always played a major role in making the relationships stronger. The generation before ours definitely shared a special bond and the meetings definitely played a major role in developing that bond.

Everything was going good along with the time. But then came the introduction of gadgets like television, smartphones, tablets which almost ended the need of physical meets. And to company them came the Pandemic which eventually shook the world to its worst.


Excellent Graphics:

Mango Live APK’s overall graphics are rather interesting. When watching the live streams, viewers get a perfectly clear screen vision of the app. In addition, the overall layout of icons choices is excellent. These tiny details make the software seem more consumer friendly and appealing.

Since the app’s highest screen size is 2K, you can stream content and display high-resolution images as well as videos. The app’s network reliability is excellent, and you’ll get high-resolution stream quality even in slow data conditions. Hence, the app users never faced any issues while broadcasting themselves in this app.

Live Broadcasting

You can witness the best looking, funniest, and greatest broadcasters from around the world on Mango Live Apk. On live footage, watch the performers sing, dance, and share their most memorable moments. Moreover, join in on a live broadcast and participate in a discussion with the broadcaster and other audiences. Enjoy live experiences with your new friends.

Ad Free Experience

Perhaps you are getting this app free of cost, but that does not means that you have to waste your time on unwanted ads. This feature is definitely upgraded with the ad free facility so you can purely enjoy the app rather than waiting for the ads to end.

You do not even have to waste your precious data on the useless ads. So, enjoy this application free from adds.

Beauty Filters:

You are definitely beautiful, but these beauty filters available in the application will certainly enhance your beauty as well as your popularity. These filters will make you more attractive and charming while you make videos or broadcast yourself!

Free Gifts:

Sending your favorite live broadcast various cool virtual presents during their live broadcast is definitely a great way to express your thoughts and support. Hence, sending gifts at live broadcasts will assist you in quickly encourage collaboration. During your live broadcast, collect cool virtual gifts from your fans and convert them into real cash prizes.

Make groups:

Create or join a Mango Live Apk viewers clan to connect with the other audiences. Subsequently, find new friends, and create a network. This will help you in socializing more and help you gain viewers as well as friends.

User Interference:

It is really easy and quick to use this application. Many users enjoy conversing and interacting with one another. But, certain deep friendships are impossible to maintain. As a result, Mango Live allows users to connect with their mates and create a unique experience.

Despite the fact that this app has a small number of users, the service it provides is of high quality. Users can conveniently display broadcasts from their favorite streamers using the app. Usually, some well-known celebrities use this software to broadcast their shows. Most of the users have become popular as a result of this app. Aside from the live streams, you can also form a group with your mates and talk with them.

These online activities have become more social and enjoyable. Thanks to the multitasking help of both chatting and live streaming Mango Live APK. The user countdown for this app is rapidly growing as each day passes. Until now, the app has received three big updates, one of which included new functionality.

Your life will be turned upside down when you become popular as a broadcaster using this app. You’ll start having sponsorships as your following grows. Even if you don’t get endorsed, the gifts you get from your fans can be exchanged for real money. So, you can enjoy as well as earn using this application.

Key Points:

  • Money can be earned along with enjoyment and popularity.
  • One on One video call facility available.
  • Easy and user friendly.
  • Ads free and relaxing
  • Bugs fixed
  • Register, make an account and enjoy this app.
  • Chat with people around the globe
  • Video streaming with broadcasters
  • Chances of becoming popular is very high.
  • Options for private video chats also available.


Since, this app is provided free of cost, yet it is trusted by many users. This app is totally safe to use. The chances of you becoming popular increases drastically. Moreover, you can earn using this application easily. Make new friends, explore with your skills and talents,  join video call, make videos and broadcast yourself, use filters to enhance your beauty and gain attention. You should definitely give this app a try and take the advantage of the features provided in this app. Start using today and download from the link given below.

How To Download?

  • Click the link provided below.
  • Download the application through the redirected page.
  • Allow your device to install from unknown sources.
  • Now, install the downloaded application.
  • Now, you are ready to use the app.

Download Link:

Click the link below to enjoy this application for free.

APK File:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this application available free of cost?

Yes, this application is available absolutely free of cost.

2. Is this application safe to use?

Yes, definitely this application is safe to use.

3. Is this application age restricted?

Yes, it advised to use for the people above 18 years.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

No, sharing of account is not permitted in this application.

5. Is there any chances of this application “Mango Live APK” getting banned?

There seems to be very less chance of this application getting banned. Misuse may lead to trouble!

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