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The Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Gandhi believes that India also influences the climate change and global warming phenomenon, as it is developing the nation. Today she said that as a developing country, India is a key contributor to the issue. She further blames that this climate change has caused Chennai rain.

Further commenting on the change in climate and environment, Gandhi told that “always” putting the blame on the West countries regarding the matter is wrong and it will not help. “Why to put the onus on the west that it destroyed the climate. They may have done it 100 years ago. India as one of the main players also as a hand,” Gandhi said.

“We are the largest producers—we, China and Brazil—of methane and we don’t even discuss methane,” she told an English news Channel. “It is 26 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in creating climate change.”

In addition, She explained her assumption as she noted that the flagged coal, animals and rice are the three reasons for methane emission. “India China and Brazil are the largest producers of methane. Coal, animals and rice, these are the three reasons for methane emission, and methane is 26% more powerful than CO2 in creating climate change,” she said.

She was also critical of NDA government pet river interlinking project saying transferring water will not help, but the main focus should be on cleaning rivers.  Gandhi also said a mission should be launched to plant a billion trees a month.

Besides this, PM Modi claimed in a conference held at Paris, last week that the “climate change is not of our making.” While, contradicting the OM’s statement, Gandhi feels that it is worthless saying that India was not a CO2 polluter. She says, “It’s rubbish. We have been saying that for 50 years. And we go on and on and on.”

“For the next 10 years, it will be raining all the time, more and more in unexpected places. Either we gear up… Nobody has linked climate change with economic disaster. Everybody keeps thinking we can do things economically, but climate change is kabhi kabhi baarish aeyegi (sometimes it will rain).”

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