A man who had a half of his face destroyed by a very rare form of cancer has undergone a rebuilding surgery that has changed his life.

Tim McGrath, 38-year-old, was diagnosed with rare cancer, Synovial Sarcoma, that’s a very unusual type of cancer involving the soft tissues. It has resulted in a very large tumour which grew on his face, as reported by the Daily Mail.

What is Sarcomas all about? The publication by the Daily Mail states that it can develop in any part of a human body. There are approximately 3000 new cases of such condition in the United Kingdom each year. The patients may have a lump that is soft and painless under their skin while there are no symptoms as such. It can also grow to get bigger in size and move from one part to another. If anybody is suspicious of a lump needs to consult a medical professional and doctor immediately.

Doctors were successful in removing the tumour from the face of McGrath. However, his body had rejected many attempts to restructure and had to survive with the exposed flesh for around a year.

When a top surgeon, Dr Kongkrit Chaiyasate, stepped in, he made this decision for the reconstruction of the face of Tim by cutting the skin from the forearm, and leg. The operation became a success. Tim had conducted 20 surgeries till date, out of those five were conducted by Chaiyasate. The surgeon strategies for the reconstruction of the face of Tim that will continue in 2018.

Tim shares his experience and gratitude in a Facebook post with having to survive this manner. “Sometimes I go back to look at these photographs to understand in an actual sense to what distance I have come this far and the reason behind why you look up to me as an inspiration.”

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